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now & then

Updated on November 24, 2014

i wanted to send you a poem

because that is what we do,

who we are, how we met

on this long and winding road with wings.

i was tempted to send you

someone else’s poem, a

treasured book, or some words

caught on the passing wind;

but i know it must be my

words – from the deep well

of this primordial shaking shell – that

come out of the blissful shadow

to say: thank you

for being born,

for being you, for making

it beautiful to be me --

for all of those times

you helped keep my head

above the black-water; for sharing

that surge

in you

that keeps pushing,

climbing, digging,

striving --

that will keep

loving that

very same

water until the end.

it is an honor

to know you,

to come along-side

your spirit now & then.

happy birth-day,


© 2014 Michelle Warner


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