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Occassion Articles and How to Write Them

Updated on December 26, 2013

Articles that are written to fit occasions and released most specifically during that particular occasion can get more readership than any other day. In simple words, when you write and release articles related to a particular occasion you are more likely to gain readership as well as gain more subscribers and followers. *The following article will help you to understand why and how publishing articles for and on a particular occasion can help you to gain readership for your content. It will also give you insight into how one can increase his or her subscribers by writing and publishing articles for the occasion.

What People Do During Occasion

*During seasonal holidays or occasions such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Thanks giving etc., you realize that many people around that time of the year are making plans for the upcoming celebration. They are thinking about the occasion and preparing towards its celebration. In preparation towards the event or festival, people mostly think about what to buy for the occasion, the shops to buy them, where to celebrate the occasion, how to celebrate the occasion etc. People during that time of the year are also curious to know what fun activities or events are taking place during the season as well as what their friends will be doing during the time.

Effect Of Activities On Search Engines And Social Network Forums

This mostly reflects in search engine rankings and hits on websites. Online shops that sell items for the occasion get more hits during that time of the year either prior to or during the occasion. During that time, most of the conversations on social networks and other online forums tend to relate more to the occasion. This reflects in web search engines as well; as most of search keywords used by people around that period relate more to the occasion or the season. In simple words, people are likely to find and read stuff about Christmas during the Christmas period than any other day or occasion. People are also likely to find and read stuff about Thanksgiving Day prior to the occasion or during the occasion than another day or occasion. They are likely to read anything that can serve as a guide in preparation towards the occasion or that helps them to connect to people who are also preparing and thinking about the occasion.

Prior to the year 2012, many at that time became curious and worried about the impending destruction of the earth in the year 2012. Many were looking for proof or answers to whether the world would really end during the year 2012. Many professional writers took advantage of that popular belief to publish articles sharing their own thoughts on that issue. So many article writers published articles to either confirm or disprove that notion and rather give encouragement to people. Whether to confirm or invalidate that popular belief at that time, you can tell that articles related to event got much readership

Advantage For Writers To Gain Recognition

As articles for a particular occasion – if you like, seasonal contents can become very popular due to the popularity of the occasion itself among people, it offers a great advantage for most writers to increase readership for their articles. It can offer online publishers the chance to be seen at least for the first time by potential readers. When you publish articles for the occasion, you are likely get more readers attracted not just to your current article but also previous interesting articles that you have published. You can also increase your article subscribers. The current article that now connects more to the occasion, may serve as an attention drawer to the rest of your interesting articles. Readers would either go to read the rest of the interesting articles that you have already published or subscribe to your page and articles so that they can read later.

How To Write Your Article

Although you can write specifically about the occasion, it would be more appropriate if you are much more consistent with your topic and still take advantage of the occasion. You can simply stick to your topic and blend it with a topic related to the occasion so that you will not deviate totally from your main topics or area of discussion. You would still be able to give your readers and subscribers something new to serve as a breather for the occasion. This would make your articles more interesting for both already existing readers and other potential readers who are not even subscribed to your page yet.

Writing To Blend With Your Already Existing Topic

If you already write topics on food and recipes, here is how you can apply consistency and variation to your topic of discussion. During Christmas occasion, instead of writing about the occasion and its origins, or just writing about any recipe at all, it would be much more appropriate to blend your main topics of discussion to the occasion. For instance, you would do well by writing or publishing recipes that people would need for the occasion. Instead of writing about the occasion and its origin, try publishing a new recipe for readers to try their hands on during the Christmas holidays. On Thanksgiving Day, you can write on a delicious turkey dish for the occasion. On Easter, you can try lemon pancakes for Easter. This helps to give a smooth transition in merging your topic with the occasion. It really shows to the readers that you are an expert in your area of discussions and a writer as well. This article about the occasion would have been much appropriate if I had release it on any of the occasion mentioned in the discussion. It will also stream line your search engine ranking and help your content gain much more readership by avoiding much competition from the so many articles specifically related to the occasion. People would prefer yours because first of all the content relates to your area of expertise. In addition, the fact that the content relates to the occasion, it would make them more interested to read your content. You would be able to strengthen your credibility among the already existing readers or subscribers and make them view you as the professional writer who is there for them at all times and occasion.

Related Photos And Catchy Title

Attaching related photos to the content will help to gain you more readership as well. The title should also contain keywords that relates to the occasion. You can also make the title unique by making it have keywords of both the occasion and that of your main topic of discussion as well.

When To Publish

When you write an article related to a particular occasion or season, you are more likely to get more readers for your content most specifically when released around that period. You must therefore put into consideration the time that you are going to publish the article. It is not just the title or photos of the article that should relate to the occasion, but the time of its release is equally important.

Releasing Your Articles During The Occasion

You get more readership for occasion articles most specifically during the time when it is being celebrated. It is the time the people need it most. Moreover, it is a great chance for you to be seen in the article industry. Your tone of discussion must relate more to the ongoing occasion.

Publishing Prior To The Occasion

You can also release the articles prior to the occasion or even after the occasion. If you decide to release or publish the content prior to the occasion, you must make sure that the content is written in a tone and format that suits the period. The description or ideas on discussion must be that which relates to the period before the occasion and not after the occasion. For instance, articles that discusses on preparations for the upcoming event or occasion would be more acceptable and appropriate if published prior to the occasion than after the occasion. If an article talking about preparation towards Christmas holidays is published after Christmas it would not gain much readership as it would if release before (at least days or few weeks before the occasion).

Occasion Articles As Opposed To Other Topics In terms Of Readership

Occasion articles as opposed to other topics of discussions may not get readership all year round. Readership may reduce after the occasion and once again when the occasion arrives. Moreover, you will be able to increase your fan base or article subscribers during such period. As a professional writer, you can take advantage of a particular occasion or season to gain more readership for your content by updating your content during that period. You can also take advantage of the occasion at least to give your already existing readers something new for a change. This is going to revive the interest they have in your content as well.

Advice to writers.

Writing for the occasion shows how much you relate to your reading audience and how much you are concerned about the things your readers are concerned about. It is a way of showing interest in the things that concern your readers or which your readers are also interested in. As a professional writer, you must find it necessary to know by heart the annual calendar. It is good that you know the times and dates for the events and holidays. You must listen to the news and discussion programs to be abreast with events and activities going on within your community, nation and the world at large. Doing so will help you not only to gain readers but also improve your writing skills. You would also be able to build your credibility by writing content that can connect your more to your subscribers and reading audience. You can easily build trust between you and your already existing readers as the silent message you indirectly communicate to them is “I am therefore you”. They would also view you as one who can skillfully be versatile and at the same time knows what he is about.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.

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