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Poems of Oceans and Beaches

Updated on October 21, 2014

A Poetic Look at the Oceans and Beaches of the World

I love the ocean and I love beaches. They give us plenty of opportunity to enjoy the wonders of nature as well as partake in other outdoor activities. Among many other subjects in the world around me, both beaches and oceans are inspiration for my poetry. So, prepare to embark on a poetic look at the oceans and beaches of the world


All Poetry Copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) - Reprint with Permission

Oceans and Beaches and Faraway Reaches

The Wanderlusting Heart Beseeches

Poems in this Hub

I Saw a Shell

To Go Again to the Sea

A Fierce Storm Blew

Look On the Horizon

The Warm Sands are Blowing

I Saw a Shell

I saw a shell beneath the sea

And picked it up to study

A slimy foot poked out at me

T'was not the least bit muddy

I saw a fish beneath the sea

And tried my best to catch it

It swam quickly away from me

Before my hands could snatch it

I saw a ring beneath the sea

That gleamed in the watery rays

I hope its loss to some lady

Haunts her not for all her days

Oceans: Official Companion to the Disney Feature Film

Oceans: Official Companion to the Disney Feature Film
Oceans: Official Companion to the Disney Feature Film

This book is a full-color companion to the Disney documentary film "Oceans" (see below), offering a wide-ranging guide to the world's oceans plus a behind-the-scenes glimpse of practical film-making under demanding and difficult circumstances


To Go Again to the Sea

Ah, to go again to the sea

On a sailing ship quite fine

And land at many a key

Inhale the air infused brine

To build my sinews strong

Toiling in the relentless sun

Perhaps I've been away too long

I should accept the new life begun

But come I to a sandy beach

Where I can longingly gaze afar

My arm would tenderly reach

To touch a far off rigging spar

Oceans - The Ocean on Screen

Oceans : Exploring the Secrets of Our Underwater World
Oceans : Exploring the Secrets of Our Underwater World

In this spectacular film, an international team of underwater explorers shows us their discoveries of what is hidden in the oceans' depths including secrets about our past, our planet and life itself.


A Fierce Storm Blew

A fierce storm blew from the south

Any words were frozen at the mouth

All that one could hear was the gale

And buckets of water upon the sail

Learn About Hurricanes


Gail Gibbons informs us about hurricanes at a children's level of understanding


Look On the Horizon

Look out on the horizon, there

See that speck at the edge

Some used to whisper a solemn prayer

To not teeter off Earth's ledge

Beach: A Book of Treasures

Beach: A Book of Treasures
Beach: A Book of Treasures

Josie Iselin shares thoughts on the varied ways we experience the beach as wells as giving insights into the scientific ecosystem of the ocean, along with the things we may find at the beach.


To be on a Ship or at the Beach

Would you rather be on a ship on the ocean or sunning at the beach?

See results

Beach Wisdom: Life Lessons from the Ocean

Beach Wisdom: Life Lessons From The Ocean
Beach Wisdom: Life Lessons From The Ocean

This book with gorgeous full-color photographs, offers a mix of joy, trust, abundance, and common sense through the peaceful scenes of beaches.


The Warm Sands are Blowing

The warm sands are blowing on the shore

Eroding the ripples created by the tides

At the beach, there are new designs in store

By this loving palette that Nature provides

A Favorite Classic Ocean and Beach Movie

On the Beach
On the Beach

In this classic tale of oceans and beaches, an American Captain, Dwight Towers (Gregory Peck) and an Australian, Moira Davidson (Ava Gardner) fall in love while the world is cascading to darkness due to a world-wide nuclear breach. This film is brought to life by acclaimed director Stanley Kramer and screenwriter John Paxton.


There's sand between my toes. They feel funny. What should I do?

Another Favorite Ocean Movie

Titanic (10th Anniversary Edition)
Titanic (10th Anniversary Edition)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet star as Jack and Rose, the young lovers who find one another on the doomed voyage of the R.M.S. Titanic. A true tale of forbidden love and courage in the face of disaster with excellent edge of your seat cinematography.


Key Largo - A Super Classic Hurricane Movie

Key Largo (Keepcase)
Key Largo (Keepcase)

While a hurricane roars outside a Key Largo hotel, a mobster (played by Edward G. Robinson) holds a hotel owner (Lauren Bacall) and others at gunpoint. (Lionel Barrymore) is her invalid father-in-law and (Humphrey Bogart) plays an ex-GI. This film is directed by John Huston who also co-wrote the script based on Maxwell Anderson's 1939 play.


Thanks for Coming Ashore

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