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...of Silent and Cold Thy Misery Foretold... Ancient Hearts

Updated on June 16, 2015

Blizzard blowing in the wind
As nature brings its wrath
Through the frozen hell
The Tundra shall eclipse
Upon the lands of the mortals
Thus, when it ceases
She... becomes quiet
Mother remains blistered
As eyes turned into white
She walks upon the isle
Forsaken by her humanity
One girl...
She's still young
Also old... yet... she is life
Bringer of this cold
Snow fallig at her magical embrace

(Musical Interlude)

...remains all by herself
She created her own chaos
In such beauty of the white
Humanity decided to leave
Thus, she is bringer of all children
Weeping with her broken heart
What she has done...
...the Spring was too short
She created this winter
Burying them all after...

Her tears turned to ice
The ice of her OWN SORROWS

...she weeps...

Her fault...

(Guitar Solo 1)

Mankind was within
Enter new biology
Cleaner of the sin

She made a sacrifice
Thousands years alone
Was it all suffice
The sun has been gone

Nature's fury in silent
Creating new humanity
As planet did lament
Creatures of humility

They break out of the white
New age of this reborn
A wonderful yet unknown sight
To begin and return


Ancient creatures reborn
Ancient creatures back
Ancient creatures return
Ancient creatures again

Which ever been destroyed
It's restoring the pain
As they started to grow
They shall live again

Animal instincts of peace
Will they ever learn?
Through eyes of the beasts
Millennia of the return

She walked the Earth
When all was dead
Come of the new birth
Away from the red

When the winter dies
A new Spring blossoms
Brand new sunrise
Cometh her natural wisdoms


(Guitar Solo 2)

Peace was so short lived
Hostile become this man
Vain was the sacrifice
Brutality has just began

Three thousand years and again
The ice age shall return someday
Ancestors felt the dying pain
Through all times...
...this creautre forever to betray

(Chorus) x 2


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