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A creative teaching process can make creative learner and a non creative teaching can destroy the creativity of students

Updated on July 16, 2014

A non creative teaching and its danger

It is important and dangerous things else. How a non creative teacher can destroy ones creativity? The definition of teacher is to teach someone or to make someone to understand the facts. Ok good! But what about problem here? A function of a learner is to perceive the facts delivered by teacher. Problem occurs between teachers and students perception. No psychological problem creats surrounding teacher because he things the students sitting in front of him processes less knowledges than him. Otherwise why they will come to him? It may be correct. Sometimes it may not. But a rapid psychological change happens in students mind depends on teacher in front of him. If teacher tends to identify something wrong of the student, student will do more wrong when he will answer any question orally. Because in the time delivery student will think if he is doing something wrong or not? Teacher will uncovered any wrong of him or not? Maximum creative students are tends to explain the facts with his own language and own style. If this student explain something to the teacher who is only dependent on books. No changed style or changed languages this teacher can not perceive as correct. As a result he wrongly blame answer as wrong and he makes a pressure on students mind. As a result student strugles to follow his style. Once he may be familier with his styles to delivery any answer as same as book. As a result the student loses the creativity and loses the inovative thinking capability.

How a good teacher can uncover a students creativity

It is known to all that a creativing teaching increases the creativity of learners. A good teacher tries to uncover the possitive characteristics of a learner. He praises to the learners. He tries to make the learning environment enjoyable. Students also find enjoy in learning. It is a common psychology is that if someone believe that he will do better in any task, he attentively do this task, because of his believes. A good teacher tries to make understand that they are oppurtunistic and they can do good.


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