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Updated on May 19, 2010

tech tongue

I was over at friends house the other night,ex is more like it,I hadn't seen her in about ten years,as we was getting to know each other over pizza and a movie her daughter yelled out "O.M.G!O.M.G!O.M.G!" my friend hurried over to see what was wrong.when she spoke she said "Baby...A.B.C.?" (I can't remember the exact phrases,so I'm substituting the alphabet,bear with me.) her daughter responded in plain English mixed in with a lot of "l.o.l's" and "O.m.g's"and for about a minute they was actually carrying on a conversation in this language.she came back and we picked up where we left off,watching the movie and making small talk and all that,the entire time we was getting to know each other again,I couldn't help but think about her daughter,you see this is my first time actually hearing someone carry on in what I call tech tongue.I begin to wonder do all of her friends talk like that?They probably do.I begin to guess her age reasoning that she was probably 7 or 8,and that everyone in her circle at school probably talks in tech tongue,I started adding 10 to 15 years to her age,coming to the conclusion that we have a generation that will arrive soon that will have their own totally unique language.Tech tongue is coming,think about it there is millions of kids talking in this way "omg,bff,lol," and all that abbreviated stuff.Worldwide.the net has no borders,A new international language is being born right before our eyes.I begin to realize that when I turn fifty- something,I may not even be able to understand what the younger generation is talking about.I start to see myself at a McDonald's and the kid comes over the drive threw inter-com "W.T.MC.D. M.I.H.Y.T.?"and I'm sitting there grey haired and cranky "what!!! I can't understand that gibberish! Speak English dammit!!!"Now that may sound extreme,but trust me it's coming.The entrepreneur in me immediately starts thinking "I need to catalog this language,do some research,track down every phrase,put it in a book and call it tech tongue,sell to parents,and people my age I'll make a killing!"I make a mental note to write this down when I get home,put it in the pile of the mountain of projects I have to get to.Time passes and its time for me to go as I'm walking out the door the little girl yells out "bye!bye! red!" I wave goodbye and walk out to the driveway turn around and kiss her mother and say these words "B.B.B.S.Y.T.W." she looks at me confused and I say "Bye Bye Baby,see you this weekend!"as I'm walking down the street I can here her laughing her tail off.Another day in the life of Bill yon.peace,I'm Audi 5000.


W.T.F!!!O.M.G!!!!! the title translates into oh my god!Can't stop me baby!I will never give up!!!I send that shout out to the gigantic juggernauts of big business,the American corporation,yeah,its all about profit.the masters of the so called universe's what I think about you.I think that you are traitors to the average hard working American citizen,if I could stand in your presence I would spit in your face,it seems to me that all the money has made you forget that you are Americans.ship jobs out of the country in the name of profit,feeding family's over sea's in foreign country's that cannot stand us.all in the name of profit.I look at you as nothing more than zombies with no hearts dressed up in suits,parasites getting fat and rich as Joe Q.public & Jane T.citizen,scramble in the mud-pits like swine trying to get ahold of whatever scraps that they can.So this one's for you corporate America a big fat middle finger in the air and a size twelve shoe that you can stick up your bum bum.Yeah that's what I think about you,don't get me wrong now I'm not angry or anything,I let the anger go a few days ago,just had to get that out of my system,because it was blocking my good vibrations.I feel so much better now,like the dark cloud is turning to sunlight a small weight has been lifted from my refreshing,if I must say so myself.Gotta get all that bad stuff,you see when you hold it in,that bad stuff turns into more bad stuff like ulcers,high blood pressure,and heart attacks.can't keep it in,so I safely release here on hub-pages,I feel better and no one feelings is hurt.I call it letting the steam out of the pot.I nice productive way of releasing some stress in this stressful world that we are living in now.And,the funny thing about it is I might make a little change for releasing that stress.A win win situation.

the bright side of the recession for me

For the last two or three years I've been in a constant state of panic.dealing with being laid off multiple times,on unemployment off unemployment,working,not working,and back on unemployment is a very hectic way to live.Especially when you have see,your income swings up and down depending on the next job you can find,but your bills remain the same,even if you are working nine times out of ten you're working for less,and that causes a serious struggle,juggling paychecks,to pay the rent and try to maintain the lifestyle that you have become accustomed to.The revolving door of working and the constant worrying about how long will this last was fueling and still is fueling my search for a way out.On this journey to financial freedom I've been scammed multiple times,I've learned some things about myself that I didn't know,for instance I've learned that being a Internet mogul is really not my cup of tea.It is not the game that I was meant to play.Sorta like Jordan when he left basketball to pursue baseball,he was a fish out of water,not in his element.Yes I still play around with the Internet but now its become more of a hobby type of thing with me.Going through this recession has reawakened passions in me that I thought was long dead,passions and gifts that I forgot about.This total upheaval of my way of life has set me on a path that I'm beginning to see I was meant to be on.The recession has opened my eyes to the gifts that I possess and provided a way for those gifts to support my lifestyle.The recession has cleared my mind and put me on the path to bigger and better things as I hone my gifts my vision becomes more clearer the destination becomes more apparent now appearing in plain sight,when I first started on this path I had to look for it,dig hard,research,now opportunity is jumping out of the water like big mouth bass.I've become the fisherman now with my nets in the water,and fishing pole in hand patiently waiting for one to bite.No worries because I know sooner or later its going to happen,and dinner will be served.I exercise my gifts like a blacksmith pounding out his creation with a hammer and anvil,patiently molding the hot metal in the form that I want.this hub that you are reading is nothing more than practice as I become more and more comfortable with expressing my ideas with the written word, more and more adapt at painting pictures with paragraphs and sentences,I get closer and closer to finishing that book I've started,at the same time my creative self esteem is building to the point where I no longer think I can do this,I know I can do this.Another photo taken for the coffee table book,another sketch worked out for the pin-up book,another panel drawn for the graphic novel,and another line added to the movie script is another step closer to my destiny.


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    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      yeah mind over matter,action instead of reaction.

    • shellemie profile image

      shellemie 8 years ago

      I was browsing your page and saw this hub. The title is catchy, so I went on to read. I totally agree with you on this tech tongue subject. It's slowly unfolding and is becoming a natural part of the society. While on unemployment, all I can say is that everyone gets to have their piece of hardships but it all depends to the capacity of the person to stay strong and determined that will dictate their future.

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      No,I haven't,but I'll make sure I pick up a copy to see whats going on.

    • goldentoad profile image

      goldentoad 8 years ago from Free and running....

      cool man, keep going with it. Read the book 1984?

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall


    • christine almaraz profile image

      christine almaraz 8 years ago from colorado springs

      OMG! Great pics:) Great hub.