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Poems about America

Updated on October 6, 2014

My America - Expressions in Poetry

Below are poems about America. Prepare for a poetic adventure across the United States of America, stopping at some of its treasured sites and learning about its flag through poetry.

All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with permission

America My Country Sweet

America, my country sweet

I pledge allegiance to your flag

Yet I respect all I hap to meet

And listen, learn and do not brag

Throughout the world are others

Who respect their own sweet land

And proudly with their mothers

Honor country with heart and hand

The U.S. Capitol

America Land of Opportunity

America is the great land of opportunity

Our make up is unique among nations

We champion both individuality and unity

And all can rise above their stations

A land of laws that sometimes clash

With weighty feelings of the heart

But let us not ever madly dash

Let's always put the horse before the cart

History of America - A Few Selections

Six Stripes of White

Six stripes of white and seven of red

Commemorate the colonies thirteen

When Washington to Victory led

The soldiers o'er the fields of green

Fifty stars on a field of blue

Count out the Union's fifty states

The Patriots are now Me and You

To vote as our conscience dictates

On Liberty Island

Went to an island near New York City

Standing tall there was Lady Liberty

Rising up from her star pointed base

Towards crown and torch in space

A gift in the 1800's from the French

A symbol of our light as a nation

We take not liberty for granted; we clench

So that we can soar with celebration

Marching Through Ellis

A poem to honor our grandparents and the other millions

'Twas long ago in New York Harbor

A small island was transformed

To intercept the tailor and barber

And sometimes keep them dormed

The dairywoman who knew to curd

The children with meager toys

They came without an English word

To look for life's intended joys

They left behind parents and friends

A village, a job, a country, a life

With glorious hope of better trends

To stave the tide of unending strife

There outside the window, Liberty

There too, Manhattan, city of wonder

Very soon, freedom, prosperity

Escape the pall that they've been under

What's your name? They were asked

The chroniclers had a difficult time

Changes were made, heritage masked

Sometimes little reason and no rhyme

Questioned and prodded and in a daze

They marched through the Great Hall

And with valises, through the maze

Up the long stairs, they could not fall

Millions allowed in, some sent back

Back on the great ships to Europe

Those who stayed, overcame their lack

And made a great America, of hope

Today Ellis stands as a great symbol

To our kindred who reached for a dream

Walk the halls and feel the heart pull

By stories from our American team

Reprinted from

The Lower Forty Eight

In my life, I've traveled

To most of the lower 48

I haven't perfectly unraveled

The quirks of each great state

The nuances of patois spoken

Are more distinct than North v South

My interest in cultures, history, awoken

As well, cuisines to tempt the mouth

Those Catchy Tunes

Don't you just love those catchy tunes

They play on some of the holidays

From orchestras with loud bassoons

And marching bands in summer's haze

As well the anthems at sporting events

With all standing at rapt attention

Just consider what the music represents

On that point there's no contention

I want to hear John Philip Sousa's

"Stars and Stripes Forever"

You mean the one that goes

"Three Cheers for Your Web-footed Friend

Though a Duck May be Somebody's Mother


Some American Patriotic Music - You'll hear the fireworks any time of year

Can be a tune with or without lyrics

Favorite Patriotic Song

See results

US Supreme Court Building

Up These Steps
Up These Steps

Displaying the Stars and Stripes

Displaying the Stripes and Stars

Is a right, an honor and a privilege

We all should be proud of what's ours

There ought be no dividing wedge

There's division on what the flag means

"No banners allowed"; for homogeneity

On TV, in the streets, are ugly scenes

Some saying there's false spontaneity

An American can start a corporation

Or become a cherished scholar

Hard work and steady application

Tend to grow that first framed dollar

Land of freedom, land of choice

Land of future bright for generations

Let us keep our hard won voice

And honor our soldiers' dedications


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