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Poems for Birthdays and Other Days of Celebration

Updated on October 12, 2014

Celebrating Birthdays and Other Special Days Through Poetry

This lens celebrates birthdays and other special occasions like Mother's Day and anniversaries through Original Poetry. Gifts to go along with the special day are also offered. I hope you enjoy it!

All Poetry by Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with Permission

A Birthday should be celebrated

Whether on time or belated

As well as days of Graduation

For making it through education

Days for Moms and Dads too

To say a very special thank you

And other days as should arise

If they be known or by surprise

Poems for Birthdays

Poems for birthdays and on being eighteen

This is Your Birthday Today

What To Do When it's YOUR Birthday

This is your birthday today

What are you going to do?

Let the hubby cook, be outta the way

Have the girls over for dinner, no hullabaloo

Please try not to work like crazy

You're allowed to dance at the Y

See, that's not being lazy

Have some "me" time, no need to answer Why

It's ok you bought the cake

You picked out something you like

And that was yesterday, for gosh sake

You don't have to get up at the mike

Another year to reflect on

Or maybe you shouldn't

More days, dispensed with, gone

Better if you wouldn't

Happy Birthday to you

Star of your own life

You have yet adventures to pursue

Oh, it's time for cake, get the knife

Eighteen is a Magic Year

For my daughter's 18th B-Day

Eighteen is a magic year

But still alas there is no beer

You've grown tall

Since you were small

And we have much to cheer

Eighteen is a magic age

You are at the next life stage

You make us proud

We tell aloud

Of your plans to be more sage

So on this Eighteenth, let me add

Know we love you, Mom and Dad

Eighteen Year Doll by Josef

25th Birthday

Written for my daughter who just turned 25

Today I write this poem for you

Because it is your twenty-fifth

For all you've recently been though

It's but a small mommy gift

May the whole next year delight

And open up new wonders

And hopefully one day we might

Go storm chasing when it thunders

Poems for Celebrations

To My Husband on Our Anniversary

Here's an Anniversary thought

On this, our yearly day

Let's not the junk have us caught

Creating a gray malaise

Let's spend our precious time

Doing something fun

And find some reason and some rhyme

Playing, laughing in the sun

To My Daughter on Her High School Graduation

Wow, high school days are over, never to return

For many more milestones you will have a turn

When you look for an answer in a book upon the shelf

Remember the highest wisdom, lies within yourself

Poems for Mom

For Mom

Mother's Day or any day

Mom, how you make things grow

Your garden's full of lovely flowers

You bend over and tend them so

Like us, your children; All those hours

Has poetry about


& Many Subjects

Thank You for Attending This Lens of Celebrations

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