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Poems About Time ... Past, Present and Future

Updated on September 9, 2014

Reflections on Time By Way Of Poetry

Time is a concept that is understood and experienced in many ways. I hope you enjoy this exploration of The World of Time through my original poems on time and clocks and past and present and future.

I've also sprinkled a number of time related books, watches and other items throughout this lens. If you are looking for a gift of time, there's a link below to time related gift ideas.


All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with permission

Poems about Space and Time and Love, and God, and Other Disappointments - by Arden Benson

Here are poems about space, time, love and more written by Arden R. Benson

A Stopped Clock

A stopped clock is right twice every day

That is how the hands of time play

Twice around every twenty four hours

Doesn't matter if it's yours or ours

Classic Analog Wall Clocks

These are classic round analog wall clocks in a variety of frames

Hands of the Clock

I like to watch the analog clock

Upon the schoolhouse wall

The circling hands like to mock

Children waiting recess' call

How fast the hands arc when we play

Yet seem to drag when we toil

Marking the start and end of day

Our quotidian lives that yet embroil

Read about Time

I've selected these books about the concept of time

Ladies Pendant Watches

I've chosen a few pretty and classic pendant watches

Early Morning

A farmer rises before the sun

To tend the barnyard and the field

His sheep may be shorn for garments spun

And in the cool he surveys his yield

The cattle range to chew the grass

Before their lazy afternoon

Of later storms that may harass

With gusty wind or thunder's tune

A Watch on the Wrist

A watch on the wrist

Or a clock on the wall

Mark how humans exist

From sun up to sun fall

And into the night's dark

When most of us sleep

Till the rooster says hark

You've appointments to keep

Analog Versus Digital

I'd like to know if you prefer an analog versus a digital timepiece

Do you prefer an Analog clock or a Digiatal Clock?

See results


Find me an hour of your time

I've much I must discuss

I fear I might commit a crime

Or maybe stomp around & cuss

Find me ten minutes of your time

I'll try to be quite quick

I'll wash myself of all the grime

If that will do the trick

Find me a moment of your time

Whenever it works for you

I'll treat you to something sublime

And we'll catch up on what's new

On Time Travel

On Time Travel

Speed of Light

If I travel the speed of light

Time slows down for me

And should I return I'd be a sight

Much younger than friend and family

Backward in Time

If I could go backwards to another age

I'd like to see a famous or infamous face

Like William S. before that Avon stage

Or wise Solomon weighing a lofty case

Would they see me? Perchance to speak

Would this ripple throughout Time's weave?

Oh, wouldn't it be nice to have a peek

And settle the truth, say, of Adam and Eve

And know how the dinosaurs died

And if Jesus lived, and taught and cried

To solve the great mysteries of ages

And correct the errors on history's pages

The Present

As you are reading this poem

Your present is defined as such

I hope your mind is fertile loam

To accept wisdom and accomplish much

Forward in Time

To fly into our future bright

And bring back to present light

Knowledge for the good of all

Cures for illness, poverty, sprawl

To know that we turn out all right

And lay down arms and cease to fight

There is no certainty of this though

So, I hope that physics let's me go

To see what's in a distant time

And if it's a void or chaotic with crime

That I'd somehow have the ability

To correct ignorance and hostility

In the present; the here and now

So a future bright may yet allow

Thanks for Taking the Time to Stop By

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      Charito Maranan-Montecillo 3 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Nice time pieces!