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Poems about the Wind

Updated on September 10, 2014

Let's Get Blown Away by Poetry about the Wind

The wind is an amazing force of nature. It is at times pleasant and at times disconcerting. This lens has the mission to let people discover the Wind in all its power through original poetry.


Below are poems that have been inspired by wisps blown to my mind. I have also included posters of the wind; books, songs and movies about the wind. And for the scientifically inclined, I've got instruments to measure the wind, too!


All poetry copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with Permission

Wind Blow, Autumn Tall Grass


Wind Blow, Autumn Tall Grass

You may purchase this poster from

List of Poems About the Wind

'Tis the Breath of the Gods

'Tis the breath of the gods the ancients said

Exhaled when they were mighty well fed

To push the sailing ships cross the seas

Or spoil the sport by killing the breeze

But we are so much smarter of late

We don't attribute the winds to fate

We watch the weather folks point at charts

And look to the maps at least in parts

When pressure is high at some place hither

And pressure is low at some place thither

The winds will flow from high to low

And buffet about the trees or snow

At exceptional times the force of a gale

Might jettison objects that could impale

Or otherwise wreak havoc on a large scale

Set us back 100 years should the power fail

Ah, I rather like the gentle winds that come

When I'm basking on the beach in the sun

The ones that bring the salty sea smell

Pleasant, drifting thoughts, the truth I tell

Beautiful Antique Weather Vanes and Wind Sculptures - to show you the way of the wind

Here is an antique weather vane available on eBay today for bid or purchase as well as a beautiful wind sculpture for your garden

Wind is a force of nature, at times to soothe and at times to be reckoned with.

Which shall it be changes with the day, the seasons, the tides and the moods of Nature.

During the Dust Bowl

The zephyr blows through the dust strewn plain

And a tumbleweed dances across the view

At one time there lay acres of grain

But the stark landscape now offers a dreary hue

This wind is lighter than the whipped and wild

That carried sand and grit with blinding force

But life requires more than this relative mild

The wind needs bring water from the heavens' source

Measure the Wind

To measure the wind, an anemometer one needs

Or you can stand outside and guess at the speeds

Wind-Jammers Coming Up Channel on a Flowing Sea and before a Fast Following Wind, 1914-19


Wind-Jammers Coming Up Channel on a Flowing Sea and before a Fast Following Wind, 1914-19

You may purchase this poster from

Harness the Winds

To harness the winds one needs the mills' blades

Or ships' sails on the ocean with the winds of trade

Now, pivot the grand turbines on the wide prairies

Taking some land used by cattle and dairies

Strong Winds Will Blow Today

The Chinooks gust over the Colorado hills

Weak trees in the path will give way

Perhaps new fodder for the lumber mills?

Nay, yet the strong winds will blow today

On power lines; roofs, snapped branches take their toll

I get a headache from the relentless bluster

Blown tarps, shingles, a million leaves on parole

Getting through productively is all I can muster

Songs about the Wind

The Essential Bob Dylan
The Essential Bob Dylan

Including the classic "Blowin in the Wind"


The Cyclone Spins

Dancing like a top the cyclone spins

Tightly coiled, direction aimless

Watching townsfolk on needles and pins

Would like to hold this twister blameless

It sucks up all detritus from the earth

Which it spirals up to be rocket flung

Across fields, in the rain drenched dearth

Projected missiles, unwary objects stung

When pressure high & pressure low collide

The fearsome menace thus produced

Accepts no wisdom to defray its ride

So pray to rubble not the town reduced

I'm Glad You Were Blown to this Lens - Thanks for Visiting!

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