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Berlin: Rockin' in the Kitchin'

Updated on June 22, 2013

What's cookin' ?

Harmonica, ukelele and triangle..

A moment, on Sunday before last, captured.

And so the kitchen came alive, with music from a beehive.

Cold outside continued to chill and freeze, the pedestrians too, hurried and did sneeze.

Snow decided to stay, so the frozen dog shit lived to fight another day.

In the streets broken bottles lay drunken, some sharp toys for all the sweet children.

Moody staff in all the shops, as if drowning on the customers' teardrops.

Lovely hard thick black ice, ready to enforce a harsh fixed price.

I hope the sun does soon come, and with it I hope it brings heat, perhaps then I'd feels less numb, and I don't have to imagine summer teat.


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