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one night @ Rajdhani

Updated on June 3, 2010
To the dream undreamt!
To the dream undreamt!


‘Hurry up Roop. Its just ten more minutes we have in hand .. Rajdhani won’t wait for u and me….’ Jojo almost dragged me out of the waiting room… although I know he is unnecessarily taking tension yet I have to hurry up!! Lethargically I took the huge bag and followed him!

The rich red ruddy illumination of the setting sun, the hurly burly of the Sealdah station was almost making me numb … I was almost loosing myself amidst the voice and views; in the midst of the hurriedness of the passengers. ‘ no no not there … lock it with that chain…’ Jojo reminded me that I really need to take care of my carelessness!! Look at me roop … don’t forget to place a call as soon as u reach Delhi. I will be worried!

‘ I will … my voice almost faded in the hue and cry. The train started moving….behind the glass window I could see jojo slipping away

This is my very first journey, alone…a blend of emotion a synthesis of feeling was enveloping me as I sat alone at the two tier ac coupe. I still can see Jojo going smaller and smaller.. almost like a dot now!! O gosh! Rajdhani has taken the pace…. Sitting at the unruffled AC two tier coupe a sudden chill almost wrapped my whole entity… It’s good to be alone often…to be with myself!

I tried to settle down . My bad luck I have not got the window seat. A man aged about 40 is sitting there! I so very much detest this all closed train journey. It so meticulously covers the view whilst making one to feel as if misplaced amongst a group of unknown people. Disgusting!

You want to sit here ? .. I am almost taken aback at this voice!

O no no its okay ! I am fine here .. I wanted to wrap up the conversation almost then and there.

So u are heading for delhi ? The man again started! Ridiculous.. this is the problem of traveling alone people almost follow one like a leach.. Yes going to Delhi I answered back and this time pretty curtly. I am sure you are alone? Now wht is his problem!!! Yes going alone!

Business purpose? Uff Now its too much I thought of not answering but it will be too much of rudeness so just said No not business purpose!!

Good that you are not going for business ! You know its so boring to visit places for business. You almost fail to notice all the good things of the place and at the days end you find yourself exhausted, drained off. Lucky you ! Not going for business!!

O my God .. this man talks too much ! must be in the marketing arena! I preferred to keep a distance so picked up my favourite book “love story” which I have read atleast thousand times but still I feel the same shiver, the same romance , the same pain whenever i read it.

The man must have understood that I am not interested in talking to him. I wish he understands. Rajdhani has taken up its speed. The attendants are busy in serving the dinner. …

You can sleep at the lower bunk I am almost habituated in sleeping at the middle bunk. Oh so it’s his seat! Ishh now I have to take this favour !

Its okay I can even climb up.
I know you can but I want you to not to. Within no time I will leave this bunk…..
I do not know why suddenly I felt so ashamed for my sudden rudeness. ..

well are you going for business to delhi I tried to be as much polite as possible. Business! Kind of!
Kind of ?
Yes because its not wholly business again not wholly pleasure. …. I am going to Delhi to repair something! A very important thing and also to visit my clients. Ha ha ha …

This man is strange!!

You are going to delhi for repairing ?? what at all?

Well that’s a long story !! my little tweetle is trying to fly away I am trying to hold it back ..just for few days more!!

Perhaps the man has understood that I am almost at my wits end. Hey no no nothing serious .. I have a small hole in my heart .. which often makes me restless. So I am ging to Delhi to repair that hole to breathe effortlessly for few days more

O my god its late …. Let me help you in making the bed maam… you sleep …. And don’t worry for your luggage .. I can’t sleep while in train.

Its pitch dark…. The train is running as if a mad giant. … in the oozy darkness I heard a mild snore.. It must be him .. the strange man who knows he is going to die yet loves to talk .. to dream.. to love.. and above all to live… I was feeling so restless… to see him once more while he is asleep. Silently I stood up…the man is sleeping ..his blanket has slipped down , revealing his arms, chest and a part of his face. … like a child he is sleeping … who knows for how many days he is going to breathe…. Coyly I covered him with the blanket and placed his head on the pillow. This is my very own moment.. the instant which is so very much mine… and which will be so silently buried deep in my heart and only the dark night, the unknown stations are the witnesses. ….Jojo will never come to know



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    • Jaspals profile image

      Jaspal Singh 6 years ago from India / Australia

      Very touching tale. You have written a wonderful story.

    • deepanjana profile image

      deepanjana 7 years ago

      thanks Cupid for such a nice comment

    • cupid51 profile image

      cupid51 7 years ago from INDIA

      Deepanjana, this is a really great story! This reminds me the definition of short story by Gurudev RabindraNath tagore! Thanks for the great work!