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online education versus conventional education

Updated on October 12, 2015


Gone are the days of reading conventional books. Nowadays, there is a rage among teenagers about e-books, the new reading hub. The changing methods of education are a part of the modernization process. Conventional schools and books are considered a thing of past.

Online education has its own pros and cons. If we look at the positive side, it has granted access to knowledge to everyone. The IIN advertisement by idea, a cellular network company is a live example. Teachers are not given respect as they were given some years ago. Students do not feel the need or importance of a teacher who has a key role in shaping our lives. Online education is good if used to a limited extent. Excess use of mobiles and laptops may harm their eyes. Moreover, parents do not keep a check on their child. They do not know what their child is accessing on the internet. The virtual world has some content to which a child should have no access.

Each and every thing in this world has a negative and positive side. Online education must be supportive to conventional education completely. Parents must keep a check over their child and should limit his or her access to internet.


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