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Places to find Romance Fiction Online

Updated on November 27, 2014

Romantic Fiction Online

The internet is a great place to find romantic fiction and whether the sweet tale of first love, or a torrid bodice ripper, romance is a fabulous genre to read. These romance stories can range through all the other genres including mystery, historical fiction and science fiction/fantasy, so there is something for everyone under the broad umbrella of romantic fiction.

Following is a list of places to find free online romance fiction, so you can read romance to your hearts content.

What's your favourite type of romance?

There's so many different types of romantic fiction that it's hard to decide what to read sometimes. What is your favourite?

What is your favourite type of romance

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Do you have a romance story available online or on Amazon?

Contact me about listing it on this page

Love on Amazon

Here's a few picks from Amazon's bookshelves.

Do you have a site that you want to share? A favourite novel either online or on paper? Share your best reads here.

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    • mcsburlea profile image

      mcsburlea 4 years ago

      I don't read romance, but who knows, maybe one of these might be a good start.