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Only In Christ: A Poem

Updated on May 7, 2016
The Poetry of Life Can be Mysterious Beyond Our Ability to Comprehend
The Poetry of Life Can be Mysterious Beyond Our Ability to Comprehend | Source

Strength Rather Than Despair: Only In Christ

It has been a sort of therapy to use HP through the end of this past year to distract me from what was happening in daily life. It's still difficult to believe, but we have seen four deaths in the last two months of this past year, two of which were close family members.

Even when expected, death tends to leave one reeling. In a blink, the divide is crossed and there you are, even if you are with others, facing the reality and feeling quite alone, wondering about many of the same things people have pondered about the event of death since time began.

My writing or comments here as I tried to help provide care in the preceding months do not reflect the circumstances I/we were in because I needed to use HubPages as an egress during long holding times--a retreat, a place to visit when I could not leave, so to speak.

It was helpful to periodically focus on something that was not directly related to the troubles in the weeks leading up to the losses. Considering ideas and projects outside the details that encircled and tried to swallow me up helped me maintain some balance in the phases of waiting and watching.

As a Believer, I praise God for experiences with His power to help during each heartbreaking situation, for the strength that comes through a relationship with Him. His grace (power) is sufficient. I may be able to write about some of the details one day, but for now it is enough to focus on Christ's faithfulness to His Word in times of need.

In the night season,
In the night season, | Source
And all the day long.
And all the day long. | Source

The Poem

While this poem comes from a long series of circumstances that are too personal to share much of at this point, what I can say now is that books ranging from The Mystery of Providence by John Flavel to Jerry Bridges’ Trusting God When Life Hurts are well worth reading ahead of the inevitable difficult days that come with life.

Teacher and author D. A. Carson points out that Believers do sometimes have honest questions. There are mysteries that God has not revealed to us, yet He loves us enough to gently teach us what we need and to make ways for us take positive steps forward if we go to Him with a humble heart and ask for His help.

We are not alone. He is with us in the night seasons, as well as in the day. Seasons of joy sometimes endure, yet darkness may descend for a time. If we will trust Him we will see His hand faithfully guide us through the trials that confront us.

I share this poem particularly for other Believers who may be bearing the loss of a loved one who is now in Heaven. A Believer’s grief is a mystery even to ourselves, for though our current loss is a sad experience, we truly do not grieve as those who have not taken God at His Word.

Making God’s Word our food and drink, focusing on what He offers us through prayer during dark days, trusting Him to help us go step by step are exercises of faith that work together to make the Believer’s journey through grief remarkable. As meager as my work is for the topic, I share it here.

 Only In Christ 

Our hearts are frost,

The pain is fierce.

Severe and strong,

Questions accost.

This wound, this loss,

This sting of death--

Assuaged by none,

Except the Cross.

Look! There is peace!

Mercy is ours!

In Christ alone,

Life does not cease.

Our faith increases,

Fixed on His Word--

His Living Word!

He bids us feast!

Inspirational Books And Poetry For LIfe

• An unforgettable look at Psalm 23.

• Chamber's "The Incomparable Christ" is timeless.

• A unique devotional book to light your daily path.

• Faith amid wartorn Yugoslavia.

Poetry for every season of life.

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    • calico Stark profile image

      calico Stark 5 years ago from Earth for the time being

      I lost my husband in 2003. Though I am remarried the pain still exists. I can totally relate to this emotional hearfelt piece of written art. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    • LadyLyell profile image

      LadyLyell 5 years ago from George, South Africa

      Your poem is from the heart!I am so sorry to hear of your four losses. In time you may find closure in writing about these sad times. Psalms has kind words to comfort which you may enjoy reading.

      May your day bring joy!

    • SimpleGiftsofLove profile image

      SimpleGiftsofLove 5 years ago from Colorado

      Beautiful hub, timely message of hope for so many in the sharing of your pain. You are a great writer in addition to being authentic in your life and faith! Thank you! Up, beautiful interesting awesome and following!

    • profile image

      kelleyward 5 years ago

      Rtalloni, I'm so sorry about all your losses. I can't imagine the pain you are feeling. Life here on earth never makes sense. I remember reading Phillip Yancy's book "When God Weeps" and it reminded me that Christ doesn't want us to hurt but because of the fall of man He cries and hurts when He sees us in pain. Inspiring poem. Thanks for sharing!

    • knottlena profile image

      knottlena 5 years ago from Connecticut

      I can't imagine all that you have gone through, but I can relate to where you coming from. Thank you for sharing all your beautiful words. I voted up.

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