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Oprah Says Read 20 Years Younger

Updated on May 5, 2011

Imagine having a book that contained crucial information to your very own fountain of youth. The fountain of youth is a legendary spring that restores youth or anyone who drinks of the waters. Imagine walking towards a beautiful tranquil water fall while approaching you kneel down and scoop water into the palms of your hands and slowly bring it up to your mouth and taste the magical mystical refreshing beverage of youth. As the cold tingle of the water rejuvenates your parched throat, your body starts to transform almost immediately. Wrinkles become tight, firm skin, tired crows feet and black circles around the eyes erase with an airbrush finish. Sagging breast become firm and lifted. The legend of these fountains have been around for thousands of years appearing in famous literature all over the world.

Well author Bob Green has written a book called 20 years younger, here you find some fascinating scientific theories on why we age, the book may not contain the secret where abouts of the fountain of youth, but the book has crucial informative material on how to turn back the clock and fight against the effects of aging with 4 major Corner Stones. 1. A longevity promoting diet: Greene creates a comprehensive nutrition plan with the help of specialist Diane L. Mckay PHD. 2. Exercise: Increasing your core, and fighting muscle and bone loss. 3. Skincare: This part of the program teaches you the importance of healthy skin and how to combat wrinkles. 4. Sleep: This step has useful tips on how to get more restful sleep. Although the secrets of the legendary fountain are still a great mystery today, the book 20 Years Younger will give you the tips and tools you will need to create your very own fountain of youth and take back 20 years of youthful life.


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