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Oration that made mourners laugh

Updated on February 11, 2013

Oration that made mouners laugh

This oration was written for Sharon whose seven kids were fathered by six different men . The first letter of each of her kids name represent the first letter of their father's country. This was to show her contribution to African unity and for easy identification .


Oration that made mouners laugh

Funeral oration that made mouners laugh

My sister Sharon was born exactly the same time her mates made an entry into the world. She attended school the same time with her mates but that was where the similarities ended. While her age-mates were married and settled down in stable families , she swore not to tow that "boring" path.

At the last count , she had seven children from six different men not including the pregnancy that precipitated her demise. This Innocent four boys and girls whose fathers transverses six African countries sees their father once in a while. The fathers see their kids on a pay-as -you see basis. They only see their kids when the drop some dough and it is no doubt that this kids misses their father .

Sharon my sister made her beautiful name seem like share-on . To prove her ingenuity and her contribution to African unity,The first letter of her kid's names represent the first letter of their father's country. Ambros's father is from Angola, Sunday's father is from South Africa , Nonie's Nigeria, Ahmed's Algeria, Edith's, she wasn't sure whether Eritrea or Ethiopia. Charles and Charlene, the twins was recorded as being fathered by a Cameroonian.

Many people would believe that this was a mistake but i can see a calculated game plan here . It was rumored that all her kids also have at-least one assistant father .As her legs has finally being forced together with the help of the coffin , we plead with the real fathers to come with a prove of father- hood and take their kids home.

I am the presiding pastor of this burial ceremony and the writer of this funeral oration and have decided to air our dirty lining in public to make it dry faster. I am tired of eulogizing the dead even the most despicable of characters. We should not cry and weep like people without hope for our dear departed sister because we may see her in the last day . However, it all depends on how God sees her contribution to human integration.

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