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Origami Handbook Helped My Hand Tremors

Updated on September 18, 2019

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A Closer Look. Notice the lack of confusing diagrams!One of the first of now several hundred paper cranes of mine. They continue to always get better!My very very first buttonhole flower. Not bad for the first time!
A Closer Look. Notice the lack of confusing diagrams!
A Closer Look. Notice the lack of confusing diagrams!
One of the first of now several hundred paper cranes of mine. They continue to always get better!
One of the first of now several hundred paper cranes of mine. They continue to always get better!
My very very first buttonhole flower. Not bad for the first time!
My very very first buttonhole flower. Not bad for the first time!

For a person whose creativity depends upon their fingers dexterity trembling hands felt like a death sentence. I could not hold a watercolor brush properly, perform delicate jewelry work, and sometimes struggled just to use a fork properly. Without steady hands I thought my days of creativity were over. What could I possibly do without full control of my fingers?

Last Christmas my family gave me a gift I still treasure today, the book 80 best-ever projects of origami. Years ago I had gotten cheap origami books. I always gave up on them. Cheap diagrams with A to B, dotted lines, and arrows were like a treasure map in another language. After a few frustrated tries I buried them amidst the junk in my closet. Organic chemistry was easier to understand than those things!

80 Best-Ever-Projects of Origami was completely different. Instead of bland diagrams there are actual color photos describing each step. You can see the paper becoming a step-by-step masterpiece. For the first time I began to understand why origami is so beautiful. My hands were shaky but they could mimic the steady ones showing each delicate movement. The actual positions were no longer lines, letters, and arrows. You are able to read the step along with seeing the paper fold in brilliant color. Even the most origami-challenged, like myself, can become an origami artist.

The book gives 80 projects including the famous paper crane, of which I am making 1000 to fulfill my wish, and does it all step by step in 1500 crystal clear photographs. I learned to choose the correct paper for each project, the importance of each base fold, and an understanding of the advanced techniques. My hands shook but my mind was steady. Every day I find myself using origami. The creativity has returned to my life in origami projects created by 'the most highly regarded contemporary origamists.'

People no longer look sadly at my shaking hands. Instead they marvel at my skill in creating lilies, cranes, and animals of all sorts. The days of feeling creatively dead have finally come to an end. I have new life in my hands and I owe it all to this book. If not for its pictures and detailed instructions I would never have learned the origami I do every single day.

80 Best-Ever Projects of origami is a book for everyone of all ages and all skill levels. You can learn origami. All you need is paper (I use everything from wrapping paper to origami paper), a little patience, and great instructions. Give the knowledge of origami to someone you know or pick up a new skill for yourself. This book is worth every penny. Take it from the person whose hands will forever be thankful.

When you start out it is best to use origami paper. Choose from vibrant colors or patterns and let your creativity go wild. Start out with 6 inch but then feel free to move to a smaller size as you grow more confident. Anyone can do origami. All you need is a will and 80 Best-Ever Origami projects will give you the way.


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