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Updated on October 28, 2011


Are you tired of people telling you what to do
to make their dreams come true
where you feel like its not your life
where you feel like they are taking it right there in front of you
this is your life,no one should control it
you need to be let off their strings
and be free as you wild
and set your goals high
as you let them reach for the sky
as you do things you never thought of doing
like singing off key and letting your voice come together
or writting poetry and none of the words rhyme
this is what I've experienced
this is what I've gone through
but im living my life to the fullest
no one is stopping me from living my dream
my singing has improved
and my poetry has gotten deep,and has alot of meaning
all I say and do the unthinkable
do something you werent expecting,suprise your self
cause you never know it could be your destiny.


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