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Out Of Print Books - We Have Them!

Updated on January 14, 2016

Out Of Print Books

The definition for an 'out-of-print book': This is a book that is no longer being published. There may still be copies out there on the shelves of some book stores, there are copies in private libraries and in specialized shops for rare and antique books.

Out of print books are often difficult to locate, they are rare, and even if you find a copy, it may be difficult to buy.

We have here a few great reference books about the value of old books, and we have a steady supply of out of print books for sale.


The Book Lover's Tools: - Journals about Books, Thouhgts whilst reading and Bookstores

Are you reading a lot? If yes, does it happen that you try to remember in which book exactly you had read this great sentence that struck you as perfect at the time.... but you can't find it anymore? Then it's time to start a reading journal:

A Book Lover's Diary
A Book Lover's Diary

A Book Lover's Diary is a journal for noting personal discoveries from the books read and recording the books on a wish list. A Book Lover's Diary is a welcome companion during forays to libraries and bookstores when the titles of books wanted can vanish from memory. Well-organized and practical, this book features separate sections for: Books to read, Books read and a personal review, Books to buy, Books loaned out or borrowed, Favorite books, Memorable passages, Addresses of libraries and book stores.

A Book Lover's Journal
A Book Lover's Journal

This is a hardback notebook with great paper quality. It is no non-sense journal as it lets you play with your own words and does not insert space for unimportant information to make it look fancy. There is a page devoted to each book with a space for title, author, date read and comments. Towards the end of the journal there are pages devoted to make a note of books you wish to read in future, books loaned and an address book for your favorite book stores. The journal also has interesting pictures and notes about popular books and authors.


How Book Printing and Editing Works:

Why a book is considered 'out of print'

When a book is written by an author, this author needs to find an editor or publisher who is able to invest in the initial printing of a book, in marketing and distribution.

This publisher will usually decide on an initial print run with a specific number of copies for this new book. The printed books are then ordered in bulk by bookstores, and once they sell all they have ordered, they may place an additonal order for more copies.

If the first print run sells out fast, the publisher will probably print more copies in a second and maybe addtional runs.

Once the book is not anymore selling at a fast rate, and inventory costs increase due to slower sales, the publisher will stop printing more copies, and may even destroy the invetory still in stock to avoid tax peoblems (esepcially in the USA).

Once all books in a print run are sold to bookstores, the book is considered to be "out of print". This means that a bookstore can't buy additional copies from the publisher.

An other situation exists, if a book sells much quicker and better than anticipated and the publisher runs out of stock of printed copies. Such a book may be out of print briefly when the first print run is used up, but these books are usually ver quzickly reprinted nad available again.

Out of Print Books Price Guides | Value Guides

Before you buy an expensive out of print book it's always a good idea to consult the prices guides to make sure you're not paying fantasy prices.

Below are some of the most authorative out of print and antique books price guides. Just clikc on the title to get more infos and to purchase it online.


Out Of Print Children's Books - Out Of Print Children's Books Auctions

Many children's books are only printed in one or maybe two editions..... Looking here you may just find that very special children's book you were looking for for so long.


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