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Outside, Inside (A Microfic)

Updated on January 26, 2012

Outside, Inside

Outside, there was the soft drip, drip, drip of the rain as it fell to form in puddles on the street. The click of the woman's heels as she walked away, her back set, the rain drenching her, damp clothes clinging to her form. Inside, there was only a quizzical whimper from a bemused terrier dog who watched the door. Inside, there was the unheard clatter of the pieces of his broken heart.


I wrote this one a couple of years ago for a contest (It didn't win, but there were a lot of entries and I still think this is one of my better very short pieces). Micro fics are a challenging form because you have to give a full sense of story in very few words.

In some ways, this piece speaks for itself, and would not benefit from a lot of analysis. Why did she leave? I don't know, but I know there are many reasons why people may decide to bail on a relationship. When they do, it's often the most innocent who are hurt - the children, even the dogs (I did know one couple who had a massive, knock down, drag out custody battle over a golden retriever). Sometimes the relationship ends with a bang. This one ended with a very soft whimper.

I leave it to the reader to fill in the gaps here. Was he cheating on her? Did he do something to deserve this? Is there hope for them to get back together? Should they get back together? The trick with these very short pieces is that they can mean many different things. Sometimes they can end up meaning something the writer never intended - much like poetry in that sense.

As for our couple - I think only time will tell there.


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