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Overdue bill payment reminder sample letter

Updated on July 14, 2011

 Here is a sample overdue payment reminder letter sample. For information on how to write effective letters go to the All Cover letters website. You can find additional samples free at Credit Letters UK


Date: 23 Feb 2002


Account Number: 00000000 Amount Outstanding: £24.99

Dear Customer,

May we remind you that according to our records the above amount is overdue for payment. If you have paid within the last few days please accept our apologies for troubling you and disregard the remainder of this letter.

If however, your account is outstanding then early settlement would be appreciated. We would ask that full payment reaches our office by the 2nd March 2002 to ensure our contnued servce to you.

Please note that no further reminders will be issued and should your service be suspended a reconnection fee of £11. 75 (inc. VAT) will be charged for each line. In addition to this, reconnection of service may take up to 72 hours.

However, if you are experiencing financial difficulties or have any queries regarding your account, please contact our Customer Service department on 0000 0000000.

Yours Sincerely

Customer Care

How to Pay

Direct Debit:  
You may find this the most convenient way to pay your Cable bill. To arrange this, please call 0000 000 2000.

At a BanK:
Simply complete the Payment Slip overleaf and take it into any bank along with your payment  Banks other than your own may charge for this service. Please make cheques payable to Company-Name Limited and write your Account Number on the reverse. Please allow FIVE WORKING DAYS for the payment to be processed.

By Post:
Please send payments to Customer Accounts, Company-Name Limited, P.O. Box 0000, Worthing, AA00 0BB. Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to Company-Name Limited. Remember to enclose your Payment Slip and write your Account Number on the reverse of cheque/postal orders, PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH.

Credit/Debit Card:
Payments made via VISA, ACCESS/ MASTERCARD, DELTA and SWITCH are accepted by phone during Customer Service opening hours. Alternatively, complete both sides of your payment slip and post it to us.

Please quote this sort code 00-00-00 and account number 00000000 in addition to your own account number.

Post Office:
Take your bill to any Post Office and complete the Payment Slip on the bottom, alternatively use your Post Office Girocard. Please do not use this method if your account is overdue, as it may take up to EIGHT WORKING DAYS to be processed by the Post Office.

Overdue bill payment reminder sample letter
Overdue bill payment reminder sample letter


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    • profile image

      tshoganetso 4 years ago

      I want to send email to group of people to inform/ request them to pay maintainance fee

    • profile image

      Eron 6 years ago

      What about a way to automatically send these letters and monitor openning rates, etc - via email -