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The Pain (Spill'd Gravy)

Updated on December 8, 2011

The Pain

I hurt so bad today

I want to flip out

Turn the dinner table over

Make sure that you're awake

I want to grab you in my arms

Shed my tears until we both sob

Sob until the pain is gone

I can't watch you waste away

I can no longer press on

Words left unspoken, and smile

And pretend that it's okay

I know you're scared

To see me in this state

A stone never sheds a tear

A rock can feel no pain

Such a unique sensation

To miss you while you're here

To see rain wither roses

To feel stale sun light dissapate

On my broad shoulders

To flip this dinner table over

To hear the plates break

Shallow pocelain graves

The tiles smothered in gravy

The clouds covered in grey

Our smiles under the shadows

Of words we never say

Sorry to ruin your meal



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    • Innuentendre profile image

      Innuentendre 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Thank you yolanda yvette! I have my moments I suppose.

    • yolanda yvette profile image

      yolanda yvette 6 years ago

      Up and Awesome. You're good!