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parade's end

Updated on December 23, 2013

Possibly the greatest 20th century novel in English

Parade's End (by Ford Madox Ford) is the last Book, I read recently.


Because "normally" I don't read Novels, even rarely I read "romance", as I already stated in different lenses. All my time to read, I dedicate mostly to "self help books", "personality improvement books", or "books on positivity growth of myself".

But "Parade's End" intrigued me, because it was recently translated into Dutch. And because all media are praising and recommending it as one of the best Romantic Novels of the 20th Century, so I ordered this book, and read it. And I have to agree : it was fascinating, it was breathtaking, and I read it almost in "one breath", and it took me just a few days to read the 768 pages. Parade's End also aroused my attention, because the Flemish National TV Station VRT co-produced the the Parade's End "mini television serie" of 5 parts (with BBC and HBO).

The Story of Parade's End

Brief Summary

Parade's End is the "epic story" of the "love triangle" between the "old-fashioned" Aristocrat Christopher Tietjens, his beautiful but cruel wife Sylvia, and Valentine Wannop, a young "suffragette" (a woman, fighting for the female right to vote). It's a story of "love", "betrayal", and "disillusionment", in the period of World War I, during a period of "changing values and rules in the society". Christopher is a "conservative traditionalist". He's desperately loves Valentine, but despite of knowing, his wife Sylvia is unfaithfull, he can't leave his wife for Valentine. But the Big War changes everything, also Christophers life, when he serves in this war, while he has to tolerate, how everything in his life crumbles slowly. He must ultimately decide who he is to remain with for the duration of his life: the beautiful yet manipulative Sylvia or the adoring Valentine.

What are they saying about

Possibly the greatest 20th century novel in English.

(John N. Gray)

Quite simply, the best fictional treatment of war in the history of the novel.

(Mary Gordon)

If a novel writer from this century will stay alive, it will be Ford Madox Ford.

(Graham Greene)

A feat, in terms of style as intelligence.

(A.S. Byatt)

There aren't many English novels deserving the epithet "great",

but Parade's End is one of them.

(W.H. Auden)

The 5 part TV Serial of Parade's End

Parade's End became the base for a five part TV Serial by co-production of BBC, HBO and the Flemish National Television VRT, in 2012 directed by Susanna White, the script written by Tom Stoppard.

The main actors are Benedict Cumberbatch as Christopher Tietjens, Rebecca Hall als Sylvia, and Adelaide Clemens as Valentine Wallop. The TV serial was screened at the 39th Ghent Film Festival in October 2012, but premiered on BBC 2 in August 2012, on HBO in February 2013, and at least on VRT in March 2013.

Read Everything about the TV Serial of Parade's End

Parade's End story of the TV Serial

Parade'S End: Based on the Novel
Parade'S End: Based on the Novel

My "personal" recommendation: Reading the Book gave me more satisfaction, then following the TV Serial !


History of Parade's End

In fact, the original story of "Parade's End" is a "tetralogy", meaning there are "four related novels", published between 1924 en 1928. They have been published under following titles:

1/ Some Do Not... (1924)

2/ No More Parades (1925)

3/ A Man Could Stand Up (1926)

4/ Last Post (1928).

They were combined into one volume as Parade's End, which has been ranked at number 57 on the Modern Library's 100 Best Novels list.

Read Everything About Parade's End

The Original Tetralogy of Parade's End

Ford Madox Ford
Ford Madox Ford

The Author Ford Madox Ford

Ford Madox Ford (1873 - 1939), born as Ford Hermann Hueffer was an English novelist, poet, critic and editor. His famous journals, The English Review and The Transatlantic Review, were instrumental in the development of English Literature in the the early 20th century. Most of all he will be remembered for his publications The Good Soldier (1915), the tetralogy Parade's End (1924-1928) and The Fifth Queen trilogy (1906-1908).

The Good Soldier is frequently included among the great literature of the 20th century, including the Modern Library 100 Best Novels, The Observer's "100 Greatest Novels of All Time", and The Guardian's "1000 novels everyone must read". But Parade's End is called "the Classic" of Ford Madox Ford.

His serie of literary works is "endless".

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A small selection of the works of Ford Maddox Ford

Poll about Parade's End

Have you ever Read Parade's End of Seen the TV Serial?

See results

Duel Debate about Parade's End

Would you Read the Novel first? and watch the Serial later? or?

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