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part time life

Updated on February 11, 2012

part time life

As the world turns so does the blind eye

no blushing it is ignorant not shy

accepting reality not what should be

un assisting peace and a world truly free.

intoxicated bodies and minds unaware

wasting there potential, don't seem to care

fading in and out doing what they do

praise to kickers that kicked tho only a few.

weakness and courage separated by a mere fraction

intimidation is not power only an action

causing fear in others while wearing a smile

praise to those who fight for a cause worth while.

lovers of pleasure, lovers of wealth

protect whats unimportant and neglect there health

disease and corruption spread like fire

praise to those who value purpose above desire.

mistakes made daily by us all, i know

sometimes its hard to learn, hard to grow

don't turn a blind eye to those in need

uneasily done i prasie all who succeed.


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