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Lost and Found

Updated on August 15, 2016

I used to assume that people are pieces, scattered ones. However, they all belong to one big, beautiful picture. So, I spent my lifetime searching badly for a piece that shall be a match: my match. Sometimes, the piece fits perfectly, but unfortunately leaves, just because it found a better match. Sometimes, the piece, sadly, is never able to match mine. And sometimes, the piece refuses even to match. That is how my life was going: I was seeking the best fit.

Until this one day.. This day I realized that there is more in life than finding a piece to complete mine, or being sad over a piece that doesn't. I just forgot about the bigger picture that needed me to be in my exact place so that the picture can be complete.

I was a tired piece that wasted its luster over other useless pieces, forgetting how this can affect the bigger picture. But now, I know, and everyone should know, that we were born independent piece, although we might think we aren't, or were never able to be a one. I may, after all, never needed a balance, but just needed to find my place in the picture. Where I belong. Once I find my place in the picture, I will not be worrying about my match, because I shall too find my right place among other pieces, as well find my best fit.


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