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The Mortal Instruments: Summer Reading

Updated on April 23, 2012
janikon profile image

Stuart has spent three years trying to convince his boyfriend he is not hiding books under their bed and they are certainly not multiplying.


There is nothing better than a great book recommendation, someone sharing a completely new literary world with you to explore. I come from a family of diverse readers - all having different tastes and favouring different genres - so, reading by the beach is not an uncommon sight when we cottage in the summer. My sister and I could probably out-stay you in the lake on a bad day but there have always been books weighting down our towels.

I was obsessed for five days with The Hunger Games trilogy, so after boring my sister, my parents, several friends, random strangers with the reasons why I loved the world Suzanne Collins created did I take to Facebook - you know - to reach a greater amount of people. I needed a new book recommendation, once you start teen fiction you cannot stop, and my friend J delivered twice fold. So started my obsession with The Mortal Instruments series written by Cassandra Clare and, believe me, I cannot wash off the literary shame I feel recommending them.

There are three initial novels in the series following, sixteen year old, Clary Fray's decent into the supernatural underworld of present day New York City. When she stumbles upon a group of strangely dressed teenagers violently interrogating a vampire in the back of an all-ages club her life is forever changed. Soon her mother is taken from their apartment by demons and she is forced to fend for herself in a rapidly changing world more dangerous everyday. And, of course, there is a pretty angsty love story which overarches the entire series - one that will make you feel both invested and dirty - and a handful of characters to drool over.

After a year of reading novels off the course syllabus this series will give your brain a rest and allow your imagination to stretch its cramped legs and really shake off the shackles of the school year. So, my HubFriends, it's time to put on your book-buying shoes and head to the nearest Coles, Barnes & Noble or small independently run bookstore and buy yourself a towel weight - summer is upon us.


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