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pears from trees

Updated on December 27, 2012

It was cold

and she was hungry

it was tight

free, shed stretch out

it was bacon

toast seemed crusty

but from the olds...

she'd fed her mouth

pucker sweetly


and pears will follow

down from trees

the faith is calling

she answers late

the truth is heavy

undone by hate

whispers over

whats been known

although each one here

walks alone

twirling something

are you able

bring the drinking glass

to the table

quenching nothing

just opportune

then again

there’s more to ruin

always hanging

down from shadows

it could be something

most chance is hollow

glistening breeze

upon the cheek

between the whispers

of the weak

merely mortal

in thought...indeed


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    • JayDeck profile image

      JayDeck 5 years ago from New Jersey

      There are some great lines here, particularly the lines from which the title is derived.