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Pen Sets Make Great Gifts

Updated on September 18, 2014

Gift Pens Sets are Great Gifts for Writers

I'm a writer and I love having a nice pen or pencil to write with in my journals when I am writing long hand. If you have someone on your Christmas gift list who is a writer, they'd probably love receiving a nice pen as a gift. The writer who receives the gift of a pen set will love having a pen that feels great, writes well and looks so much nicer than a standard office pen.

In this hub I suggest a number of great types of pen gifts below. Many of these are sets including a pen and a mechanical pencil while some are simply exquisite pens. So browse around and choose a nice gift for your favorite writer's birthday or whenever you want to send a thoughtful writing gift.

Silver and Red Leather Gift Pen Set

This red leather and silver pen gift set is just the first of a number of pen sets that I am showcasing in this hub for your favorite writer (who could be you)

Why a Writer Should Have at Least One Really Nice Pen

OK, so it seems like many writers are not writing much any more. At least not in the traditional sense. Kind of like folks not "dialing" phones anymore.

But most writers still like to jot down ideas and notes and maybe even rough drafts the old-fashioned way. With a pen or pencil.

(And all those millions of students still write in school)

So get that Writer on your Gift List a nice Pen Set ... He or she will really appreciate it.

Personalized Wood Pen Set - comes with 2 pens

Choose this lovely personalized wooden pen sets in red wood as a gift for any special occasion.

* Box Set has Free, Deep Laser Engraving

* on box - up to 3 Lines Free Engraving; on pen - One Line Free Engraving

The right pen has a certain weight

Ones have been known to alter fate

Classic Century 10 Karat Gold Filled/Rolled Gold Ballpoint Pen and .7mm Pencil Set by Cross

The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

--------- Edward Bulwer-Lytton

But, A Nice Pen Set is Not Just for Writers

So Think About Giving a Sleek Pen to Anyone

7 Piece Leather Desk Set by Majestic Goods

Majestic Goods Leather Desk Set, 7 Piece, Black (105-DSG7K)
Majestic Goods Leather Desk Set, 7 Piece, Black (105-DSG7K)

This 7 Piece leather desk set includes:

* Desk pad and Letter tray

* Double pen stand and business card holder

* Pencil cup

* Clock and Memo holder

* Letter Opener, Multi storage case


Schools Still Teach Penmanship

Cross Fountain Pen with Polished Chrome and 23 Karat Gold Plated Details and Nib

A Pen Set Gift Works for Any Occasion

Be it Christmas, Birthday or Graduation

Don't You Think Animal Pens such as the ones above are Cool?

Thanks for Stopping By!

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    • LizMac60 profile image

      Liz Mackay 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Great lens. I still like to write with a pen, now and again.