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Special Agent Pendergast

Updated on April 24, 2013

I'm in love with a guy named Pendergast...

... Well, actually I am in love with the complete universe made by the authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child..

Their characters are unique, entertaining and mesmerizing and I find great difficulty in putting down the book, whenever I get the chance to read one of the Preston-Child-novels.

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have written numerous books and event though I find them all exciting, my favourites are the novels featuring Special Agent Pendergast.

And why, you may ask?

I really can't tell! I just find that character very alluring, and everytime it irks me, that he only exists in my mind, (Well, also in the minds of 10,000 of other readers all over the world - but the truth is, no one really now excactly what he looks like).


Until today, there are published 12 books with Pendergast as the focal point.

Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child tell their readers, that most of their novels are stand-alone novels, that can be read without prior knowledge of their fictive universe.

I say: Read the books chronological! Otherwise you might end up feeling confused and a bit annoyed, because you feel like something is missing from your memory!

The first book is Relic. It was published in 1995, but is still going strong!

The complete list and order is:

Relic: In the New York Museum of Natural History visitors are being killed - and the killer is not human.

Reliquary: Hidden beneath Manhattan is a secret and disgusting world...

Cabinet of Curiosities: How to prolong life by performing medical experiments on living humans.

Still life with Crows: Weird murders in Kansas.

Brimstone: Is it really the devil who kills?

Dance of Death: Pendergast's close friends end up being murdered - and Pendergast is the suspect.

Book of the Dead: Who is the actual killer from the previous 2 books?

Wheel of Darkness:From Tibet to a terryfying cruise on the world's most luxurious passenger liner.

Cemetery Dance: Obeah and vodou in Manhattan.

Fever Dream: The hunt for a lost painting - and the secret of the life of Helen, Pendergast's wife.

Cold Vengeance: Conspiracy during generations takes us into the world of the Nazis.

Two Graves: The Nazis has a secret hideout in Brasil. What are they up to?



The Cabinet of Curiosities

Still Life with Crows


Dance of Death

The Book of the Dead

The Wheel of Darkness

Cemetery Dance

Fever Dream

Cold Vengeance

Two Graves

The Cabinet of Curiosities

It would be extremely confusing to mention all of the fictive characters appearing in the novels by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

It is on the other hand important to mention some of them, because this is how the readers (and the authors as well) provides an overview of the many books.

Vincent D'Agosta: NYPD detective. Appears in most of the books.

Constance Green: Pendergast's ward - appears for the first time in novel number 3, The Cabinet of Curiosities from 2002.

Diogenes Pendergast: Pendergast's vicious brother. Appears for the first time in novel number 5, called Brimstone.

Helen Esterhazy: Pendergast's wife. (I won't tell you when or if she appears. It would ruin a lot to you, if you are a newbie! )

The Diogenes Trilogy

First I tell you, there are 12 books.

Now I tell you, that some of them are parts of a triology. Actually the 12 books consist of two trilogies.

The Diogenes trilogy begins in the book Brimstone, but if you really donøt want to miss anything, I suggest you read the single volume trilogy. Unfortunately it is only available as a Kindle edition, but if you love the media, check it out.

Fever Dream

The Helen trilogy begins in the book Fever Dream.

Then you travel along in the mysteries in the novel called Cold Vengeance - and finally end the breathtaking tragedy (and yes, I cried....) in the newest book, Two Graves from 2012.

Helen is Pendergast's wife, who is dead. Or maybe not after all?

Why do you love the Pendergast-novels? - Tell me - I'd really like to know:-)

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      5 years ago

      I've been reading them in chronological order. I read Relic a LONG time ago, maybe in high school, but I've recently gotten into them again. I picked up Reliquary and then Cabinet of Curiosities. Than I read a couple of non-Pendergast books - Riptide and Thunderhead, and now I'm on Still Life With Crows. I love them all - they're such easy reads but loads of fun.


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