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Penny Jordan vintage Harlequin Presents 1980-1985

Updated on May 13, 2012


Penelope Jones Halsall is one of the most prolific authors writing today. She wrote Regency novels under the name Caroline Courtney, and Historical novels under the name Annie Groves. Starting in 1981 she starting writing series romances for Mills and Boon under the pseudonym Penny Jordan.

All of the Jordan books are in the Harlequin Presents romance line and have proven to be very popular. Many of the books were set in her native England. Jordan is still publishing romances for Harlequin in addition to her popular contemporary romances. These are her early titles which may not be as popular as her later works but are still worth a read. I am re-reading all the books and I have added additional details to some of the descriptions in bold.

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They were in love-why shouldn't they be married? But both Felicia and Faisal knew there would be problems. Ordinary English girls just didn't marry wealthy Arabs. On a cloud of love and optimism, Felicia flew to Kuwait to meet Faisal's family, to gain their trust, love and approval. But Faisal's dictatorial uncle, Raschid, had no intention of allowing Felicia to marry his nephew, and his methods of driving her away were dishonorable and grossly unfair. Though Felicia resented his prejudice attitude, she had to admit the man himself fascinated her.

Felicia goes to Kuwait on her own funds. She starts reconsidering her relationship. Faisal sends her letters that make it clear he is having second thoughts. Also, more she knows about him the less she likes him. But she can't leave, she doesn't have the money to get home and she can't bring herself to ask Raschid for any, he thinks she's a gold digger (and a slut). . He takes her shopping and gets her special perfume. His sister has a birthday and they go to the desert to celebrate. Felicia gets lost in the desert.


Radio Wyechester was failing, and no one could hide the fact much longer. As advertising controller, Storm Templeton stood to lose a lot. She had worked long and hard to garner clients for the station. So she should have been happy when Jago Marsh stepped in. he was noted for his media expertise.—as well as for a few other things that Strom didn’t care to think about! No. She had no need of this suave, commanding man, either at the office—or at home.

David, Strom’s boyfriend runs the station, she thinks Jago was forced on them because the station is doing badly. So she doesn’t like him, she is rude to him. He moves next door to her parent’s house and when her parent’s go to Australia to visit her brother, Jago keeps a eye on her. David turns out to be a weak jerk who tries to destroy the station now that he is no longer boss. There is a misunderstanding involving her brother and Jago (he thinks he’s a boyfriend). But her brother clears that up. She is lost during a walk when a mist comes up and twists her ankle. She is rescued by Jago.


They had shared a beautiful affair. Then Briony had learned the shattering truth. Although she had been deeply in love with Kieron, a reporter then, he had wanted her only for a newspaper scoop. It was painfully ironic to Briony that his calculated lovemaking should have resulted in such a beautiful baby boy.,.It was no less ironic that Kieron Blake should now be Briony's new boss at the Daily Globe. One look at little Nicky told him the truth--and set them on a collision course. Either Briony married him or he took her son away!

Briony works as a secretary at the paper. Years before she had a roommate with a boyfriend who visited often. Kieron pumped Briony for information on the boyfriend, who was really the roommate's brother and a criminal. Briony just thought Kieron was her boyfriend. He stayed with her in her apartment and while she slept he searched for evidence. He then left, Briony was harassed by reporters and questioned by the cops, this led to her losing her job. It got so back she changed her name, she later had a son, Nick.


Freedom was all she wanted from him. Autumn was desperately struggling to put behind her the bittersweet memories of her marriage to Yorke Laing. He'd nearly destroyed her once with his cold brand of loving, but time and a demanding job had given her a new strength. Now she needed only a divorce from him to break their last link. Then Yorke flew back into her life, dangling temptation in front of her. He'd give her a divorce--but at a price she was sure she could never pay .


Catriona found life on the remote Shetland island hard enough without Brett Simon’s maddening demands. If only her brother, Magnus, hadn’t agreed to allow Brett’s oil company to research a new terminal here—and to use their home as a hotel! But Catriona didn’t dare oppose Magnus. A terrible accident had shattered his spirit, and this project seemed to mean the world to him. The longer Brett stayed, though, the more Catriona feared her own sanity was at stake. Brett wanted more, much more, than she could give him.

Set off the coast of England, Magnus worked in oil industry and he was hurt and his team died around him. He is physically well but sort of shell shocked. They have little money, so agree to house the 4 oil workers. But they come with no warning, so there is little food and the sea is acting up so they can’t get any for awhile. Catriona doesn’t tell Brett this or that her brother is recovering from the accident. So he thinks she is motivated by revenge. A little while ago she had to stay on overnight in town and ended up with his room. He didn’t realize it was no longer his room so he comes and won’t leave. He is pretty rude to her. So she doesn’t like him.

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His only desire was to use her . That horrible damning letter! If Lee didn't become Gilles de Chauvigny's temporary wife he'd show it to her real fiancé. That Gilles could disrupt her life so carelessly, so callously just to be rid of a too possessive mistress--outraged Lee, but she was powerless to stop him. Then, later, she didn't want to, for she had fallen hopelessly in love with him. Hopelessly because his spurned lover vowed to have him back. Hopelessly because Gilles felt nothing for her.


Davina's love had long since died. It had been killed the night she'd given birth to their son while Ruy, her husband, had been dallying with another woman. Only for her child's sake was Davina now returning to Spain, to the aristocratic de Silvadores family--and to Ruy. But a Ruy who was changed beyond belief. What had once been a man of virile strength was now a devil of snarling bitterness confined to a wheelchair. And Davina was not prepared for this new assault on her emotions. Davina gets a letter telling her to return to Spain, sent by the mother in law from hell. Ruy was crippled in the bull ring.


She would not be told to marry anyone! Much as she loved and respected her Arab stepfather and wanted to please him, Danielle was horrified to learn he was arranging a marriage for her, Arab fashion, to his nephew, Jourdan. Danielle refused outright. And meeting Jourdan only confirmed her decision. He was dashing and bold and handsome, and she soon fell in love with him, but he was a man of the East, brought up to think of a woman's place as within palace walls. Marriage to such a man could only eventually destroy her.


Their antagonism was instant and mutual. Simon Herries was dominating and arrogant, and he had readily jumped to the wrong conclusions about India. "You don't know me, " she stated, "yet you accuse me of trying to steal someone else's husband!" Evidence and appearance seemed to support his claim, and Simon had his own method of dealing with the problem. At the time it proved an effective solution, but when his scheme backfired, India was left to face a future of heartbreak and unhappiness.


"I don't intend to share you," he said. To discourage him, Genista had deliberately let the arrogantly handsome Luke Ferguson believe that she was a promiscuous adventuress. She knew from experience the hurt a man could carelessly inflict on an innocent heart, and she realized how vulnerable she was to his brand of magnetism. Luke's proposal of marriage was a shock, as was his method of asking. It sounded very much like blackmail, and in the circumstances she had no alternative but to accept.

Luke buys out the company where she works. Genista is product of affair between her mother and married father. They eventually married when his wife died. A boyfriend told her this in spite, when she wouldn't sleep with him. Her parents are now dead. An uncle died and left her a lot of money, she doesn't need to work at all. Bob is just a business colleague and friend. Bob's wife, Elaine, is an invalid and it would kill her to think Bob had an affair. Luke says he will tell her, unless Genista marries him.


"We have to escape or die," Zach told her. Suddenly Tamara's holiday on the Caribbean had turned into a nightmare. On a guided tour of a rain forest she had been captured by guerrillas! Only through the strength and comfort of fellow hostage Zach Fletcher did she survive the ordeal. Not so easy to overcome were the passions and emotions Zach had imprinted on her heart and memory. The he disappeared from her life-a ruthless departure that left her despondent, wondering if she could survive alone. On guided walk in jungle when taken prisoner. Zach convinces the men to set most of the hostages free, just keeps the 2 of them.


Amber’s once lithe body had been crippled and disfigured by a horrible accident. The prospect of never walking again disheartened her, but much worse was the pain she felt when her fiancé suddenly abandoned her. Time had done nothing to heal her broken heart. And though she could walk again,resuming her nursing career was out of the question. Then a stranger offered her employement, a home and the money for a necessary operation. All she had to do was become his wife! Amber had been hit by bus so now she walks with limp. Her fiancé then jilts her. Joel Sinclair has a son with a limp. Wants to marry her for just for 6 months so wife won't get custody. The mom eventually kidnapps Amber and the boy.


She had weathered life's storms alone. Tara had been only seventeen when she'd given herself to James. She had borne him twins in secret, inventing a short-lived marriage to protect her fatherless children and to hide her shame. The years had brought Tara added wisdom, though time hadn't dulled the pain of James's rejection or the aching pleasure of their remembered passion. Meeting him again was a shock, but Tara was determined never to let him know the price she had paid in silence for her first and only love.


History was repeating itself! Chelsea had been innocent, naïve enough to believe her love was so pure it would last forever. But Darren had lied to her, and when she found out he already had a wife, Chelsea turned her back on romance. Now her own niece was about to make the same mistake she had made--with a man infinitely more desirable and sophisticated than Chelsea's first love had been. There was nothing she could do to shield the young girl from anguish. Except, perhaps, to steal the man away herself..


Her worst fears had come true. Being kidnapped by political terrorists was the realization of Saffron's worst nightmares. And to betaken to an isolated primitive farmhouse and subjected to the volatile dangerous temperaments of her captors was worse than she ever could have imagined For Nico, the man she loved, the one man to whom her whole being responded, had manipulated her descent into hell. Though calculating and callous, he was her only hope for escape--and for future happiness.


Kirsty’s promising stage career had nearly been destroyed by a scathing review written by Britain’s foremost drama critic, Drew Chalmers. So when Kirsty saw a chance to avenge herself, she took it, unmindful of the consequences. Her vengeance seemed to provoke no retribution, especially when she was offered a place in an important Shakespearean company—until she found herself engaged to Drew and learned it was his influence that had won her the job. Now, while learning her new role, Kirsty must learn to play the part of Drew’s lover to perfection!

Kirsty gets revenge by hiding in his hotel room and coming out when his mistress comes into the room. The mistress leaves in a huff. Later that evening, Kristy finds out he is a backer in her new play. His mistress is at a cast party and calls her Drew’s bed-mate. Everyone hears so Drew says they are engaged, just to avoid a scene. Kirsty finds out later he didn’t actually write the review, just made some notes and most of the bad comments were for another actress.


Her love would never be returned. In Spain on business, Jessica had agreed to do her cousin a favor, but she never imagined it would result in her working with the aristocratic Sebastian Calvadores. From the moment they met he was callous and arrogant, and yet she couldn’t deny the way her pulses raced whenever he entered the room. She was falling in love. Jessica wanted to listen to her heart, but common sense warned against it. For Sebastian had nothing but contempt for her—and another woman intended to possess Sebastian!

Jessica lives in England and works for a clothing designer. Cousin got sort of engaged on her vacation in Spain. Jessica goes to Spain on business and while there, meets up with the fiancé’s brother to break the engagemment. What her cousin didn’t tell her was that she had been writing to push the engagement and the man was trying to get out of it. (She had thought she was pregnant at the time). Turns out that the brother designs cloth and she goes to work for him at his family home. They are caught in a compromising position so need to marry.


Leon had swept the young and innocent Chloe into marriage, but there was no happy ending for them, for there would always be Marisa. Marisa, obsessive and possessive about her stepbrother, implied a relationship between them that could never be. She claimed a wife was only needed to disguise their sin. So Chloe, disgusted and confused , ran away. But a Greek’s pride could not accept a wife’s desertion, and he tricked her into returning. She hated and despised him—but could not deny she still wanted him. Marisa told Chloe about the incest just before she pushed her down the stairs and cause her to miscarry. Marisa told Leon that she wanted to get rid of the baby and other lies about Chloe, which he believed.


She wanted to punish him--not love him! When she was fifteen Laurel had been the victim of an attempted rape, and Oliver Savage was the reporter who had twisted her story, tearing her reputation to shreds and leaving her fearful of every man who came too near. Now, six years later, he was anxious to right his wrong. "I want to help you, Laurel", he'd offered. But Laurel didn't want his help--she wanted retribution She found it was not that simple He was a stimulating man, and his every caress weakened her desire for revenge.

Laurel's widowed mom used to take in boarders and eventually she married one of her boarders. Laurel was always uncomfortable with him. He started hitting her and eventually he tried to rape her. Her mother blames Laurel. Someone at her school notices the bruises on Laurel and they get her out of the home. There is a trial and her stepfather's lawyer tries to say she lead her stepfather on. The trial is very traumatic but he is convinced. After the trial Laurel tries to visit her dying mother, but she says everything is her daughter's fault. Laurel runs out crying and meets Oliver. She is so upset she left her bus money in the house and so she accepts when Oliver gives her a ride home. He acts very sympathetic and he is the first person she really talks to about the attempted rape.

Later, Oliver writes a scathing article about her, painting her as a tramp. This affected her just as much as what her stepdad and mom had done and she becomes very withdrawn. Once the stepdad is out of prison, he and Oliver talk. The stepdad boasts about what he did and Oliver is horrified. He has looked for Laurel ever since to make it up to her. He gets his chance when he goes to an accounting firm about his taxes. It turns out Laurel works there and they talk. He sees how she was hurt by him and acts if there is anything he can do. She says she wants to work for him, just to further her career. But really she wants to snoop around until she can find a way to destroy him.


She was an ice maiden with a heart of glass. Kelly's short, disastrous marriage had left her deeply suspicious of men. She knew all too well that her looks--along with a sizable inheritance--made her an attractive target for fortune hunters. She was determined not to be fooled again. So she became a workaholic, and spent her nights alone. There was no reason to think Jake Fielding was any different. In fact, Jake was a man who made his living as an escort for lonely women. But could she really deny the feelings that were stirring inside her?

Kelly owns a PR firm in London and is a widow. She found out on her wedding night that her husband was after her money. After she confronted him he tried to rape her then left and soon died in a car accident. She wants to visit a friend but the friend's husband is a creep who won't leave her alone, so she needs some protection and goes to an escort agency. Jake is actually a prominent businessman but he goes along with the mistake and then is surprised when Kelly gets angry.


5 years ago, Lisa Hayward had fled her exotic island home of St. Martin’s, leaving her just begun marriage in ruins. Back in London, she concentrated on raising her son, Robbie—Rorke’s son. The child was all that remained of that bitter, beautiful time. Now Rorke had found her again, and intended to take her back—but not for love. He still believed Robbie couldn’t be his! Why couldn’t he remember that storm shattered night they had spent lost at sea?

Lisa left him because Rorke accused her of infidelity. He had gotten a concussion, while sailing, and lost his memory of the one night they slept together before they were married. Robbie is hurt and has the same rare blood group as his father.


Deep in their hearts, an estranged husband and wife, both a part of Hollywood's glamorous film industry, know they need to reconciles to find happiness yet cruel Fate seems to have other plans.


An estranged couple meet again after 2 long years, and they discover their feelings for each other are as strong as ever…and so opposite in nature that reconciliation seems impossible.


A powerful Greek involves his temporary secretary in a whirlwind courtship—to avenge his sister’s honor. Then when he discovers his mistake, he marries her—out of a sense of duty


This man was more than a match for her. As a model, Heather was accustomed to being regarded as a sex object, but she made certain no one in her private life treated her that way She kept men at a distance, using her body as a lure and a torment, then rejecting her would-be lovers as retribution for the traumatic experiences of her past. All that changed when she met Race Williams. He was a master at the game of enticement and denial, and for the first time Heather knew what it was to burn for something she couldn't have.


To save the innocent heir to a troubled desert kingdom, 2 strangers masquerade as the infant’s parents. But how long can they disguise their feelings for each other?


Beginner’s luck doesn’t hold up for an English photographer posing as her flamboyantly beautiful cousin when she’s disqualified for cheating by the man who wrote the rules for the game of love.


She desperately wanted to believe in his love. Secretly Jaime still regretted having walked out on Blake. But his four-year silence had confirmed her fears--that Blake didn't love her or their child. So naturally Jaime was suspicious when Blake turned up and began campaigning to win back his rights--both as father and husband. And she was hurt and confused when he appeared to be involved in an even more sinister campaign to silence Jaime's opposition to the sale of the local abbey. Jaime had never been able to interpret Blake's motives. And she still didn't trust him to return her love


She hadn't seen him in almost eleven years. They'd been very much in love. But if Philippa had married Scott, he would have lost his birthright. So Philippa had told him she was in love with someone else. Seeing her again unleashed Scott's bitterness. He was pleased to think that Geoff had refused to marry Philippa despite her pregnant condition. Scott was so blind to Philippa's love, he couldn't see even the obvious--that young Simon was very much his father's son. "After you left, Philippa, my grandfather withheld from he what me thought I wanted most. Take care," Scott warned, "that I never discover what you treasure."


For the rags-to-riches chairman of Hart industries, the previous owner of his 15th century estate is elusively appealing, fleetingly desirable at any price.


Could they ever be more than friends? Jake was Stephanie's employer, her best friend and if he hadn't had to rescue her from a gang of youths two years ago, he could have been so much more. Now there was an invisible barrier between them, which--until recently--Jake had patiently respected. He alone knew why Stephanie shied away from men, understood why she had to confront her fear before putting the past behind them both.But Stephanie couldn't cross the line separating friend from lover without first facing a greater fear--the fear of losing the man who meant everything to her.


A six-month marriage; a quick annulment. Blake Sefton had married Sapphire to acquire her father's Cotswolds farm. And at first she'd been too besotted with him to realize that his passion burned for his mistress, Miranda, not for his virgin bride.Then Sapphire had discovered Blake's secret love letters and the reason he'd been unable to bring himself to share his wife's bed. Painfully disillusioned, she'd run away and divorced him.Now four years later she was considering remarrying Blake--temporarily--to ease her dying father's mind. After all, Blake hadn't desired her before, so what would he want with her now?

Sapphire found out after the marriage that her father and Blake has agreed to the marriage just to secure the future of the farm .Blake owns the neighboring farm and will eventually take over the other farm. Sapphire was told about the deal and she believed it because her husband never touched her and wouldn't explain why, he also never told her he loved her. So of course she believed the story. Sapphire agrees to remarry him because her father is dying, but he isn't of course. This is one of the stories that would be very short if people talked to each other. But Blake is an idiot, he doesn't explain anything which leaves her to draw her own conclusions.


Joel Howard—arrogant, self-assured and all too aware of his sexual magnetism—reminded Cassie of the unlikelihood of anyone ever loving her. She would rather have sold her soul to the devil than ally herself with him. So she entertained a proposal from his closest competitor, dangerously underestimating Joel’s desire to take over her London-based computer-games company. “There’s only one way I can be sure of your loyalty,” Joel told her, “and that’s by buying it, the same way Peter Williams intended to buy it—by marrying you.”


The situation was explosive. Selena arranged work with a prominent London QC not to break up his marriage--the way her mother had once tried--but to get to know her father secretly so that she could put her past behind her. She hadn't anticipated Piers Gresham's interference. "I don't know what game you're playing, " he announced. "But my uncle's married. You won't find him a pushover. He was nearly caught that way once before." Love, Selena knew, made one vulnerable. But to abandon all caution for a man who'd reject her because of her past was foolhardy!


Seeing Slater again would cause Chris pain. Natalie had always known how desperately in love with Slater Chris had been, and she'd arranged things so that Chris would have to return to England and face the man who'd rejected her. For as a final malevolent gesture she'd entrusted her daughter to Chris's care. It would be hard facing Slater again, knowing that he'd shared Natalie's bed and given her everything Chris had dreamed of--marriage and his child. Chris was torn between her response to a little girl's suffering and her fear of resurrecting her own foolish dreams.


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