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Argumentative Essay Topics for School and College Students

Updated on August 26, 2015
Argumentative Essay Topics
Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay Topics

Essay writing is really an art and choosing a unique but persuasive essay topic is really a challenging thing. Students in high school and colleges need a lot of hard work, research and solid information for an argumentative and interesting essay. There are so many sites on the internet offering research paper and essay writing services to the students. And a lot of lazy students are using these paid services to save their time but they are losing their creativity. It is necessary for a college or high school student to practice essay writing about his favorite topics at least thrice in a week. This regular habit of essay writing will definitely help you a lot when you have to work on thesis or research papers at university level.

General essay topic ideas!

The following essay topics are argumentative and controversial also; please choose a topic wisely because it is a fact that a controversial topic carries convincing messages, not only to your readers, but also later generations.

1. Who is actually holding the world gold monopoly?

2. HIV spread story is still a myth

3. Who will be the Super Power on Mars?

4. Does human brain cloning can make you mutant?

5. Why governments fail to ban alcohol?

6. Why only celebrities gaining a high networth?

7. Inception theory can be acceptable or not?

8. How music reflects in your spirituality

9. If the profit were taken out of wars do you really believe we would have them?

10. Walmart is a chain of stores or a chain of money?

11. Flaws in modern Banking sector and loans

12. Minimum salary

13. Master degree holders and jobless rates

14. Why Israel is number one in PHD degree holders?

15. Showbiz without women

16. Why Solar energy progress too slow?

17. American pop culture turned out to be harder than I thought

18. Divorce become a fashion

19. Drug Smuggling and government policies

20. ITP disease and junk food

21. Why parents and teenagers do not share the same ideas about fashionable clothes

22. Reading of human DNA structure

23. MMA fights a sport or violence

24. Democracy VS Dictatorship

25. Why there is so much negative propaganda against Homeopathy

26. There must be search engine for blood donors

27. What are hidden energy sources besides petroleum?

28. Legalization of weed - a need or a trap

29. Homosexuality is a promotion of STD diseases

30. How social networks making our society mentally ill?

31. Woman in Western society, a symbol of freedom or lust

32. Do we need more laws for marriage safety?

33. Strict policies should be adopted for abortion pills

Essay writing: Yes or No?

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American Argumentative Essay Topics:

The central part of your essays will be treated in unambiguous detail and you must looks at the problem from every possible and impossible perspective. Also give space to explain the opposite view, similar too, but also what you think, ridiculous. Outlining the essay should consist of a title and then the main part of the introduction and conclusion. At the end of your essay, emphasizing again the main idea and give the necessary impulsion for further discussion.

  • The future of American society
  • Global warming and the role of United States
  • When America was a third world country
  • How to implement gun control law in America
  • Continuous affects of civil War in today's America
  • Why Americans hated by North Korean
  • Pros and Cons of U.S nuclear weapons
  • Fertility rate in America, good or bad
  • Why America need more regulation
  • American influence on Arab countries
  • The future of new America
  • New world order or U.S order
  • Obesity in U.S Army
  • Why hypertension is out of control in America
  • Importance of Native Americans in our society
  • mpact of social Media on American youth
  • Who is the backbone of America?
  • American control over Mars
  • American beauty a myth or reality
  • Hiden National heroes of America
  • The revival of American history

Essay writing is a fun or pain?

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Funny example of Persuasive speech topics
Funny example of Persuasive speech topics

15 Funny Proposal Essay Topics

A little fun in essay writing helps a lot to keep up reader's attention, a funny but interesting and persuasive essay topic works like a seat belt for your readers; you can choose a funny proposal essay topic of your choice from the list below.

  1. Why Facebook now become a Drama Book
  2. Why you cannot crush on your teacher
  3. How to impress your parents and teachers all together
  4. 7 reasons why you don't use smartphones in toilets
  5. Why Justin Bieber hairstyle must be ban in our school
  6. There must be a school jail for bullies
  7. Why girls don't like cooking
  8. Similar qualities of human and pets
  9. Keep calm and quit the Facebook
  10. How to identify haters in your class
  11. 10 things you cannot do in classroom
  12. How to avoid crushes in teenage
  13. How technology makes us lazier?
  14. Study all the time cannot be your best choice
  15. Smart way to catch cheaters in examination hall

Persuasive essay topics about school/college:

  • Scope of gamification in education
  • Character development classes
  • Compulsory cooking classes for all high school girls
  • Student elections - Yes or No
  • Voting right for high school students
  • Student counseling - should t paid or free
  • Free weight Loss program for obese students
  • How to defeat Propaganda in college
  • Uniform for teachers
  • There must be hidden cameras in all classrooms
  • Why coeducation is not a good idea
  • Impact of violent video games on a student life
  • Subliminal messages during a lecture
  • How to celebrate your last day in school
  • The connection of racism and student grouping
  • Bullying and role of school administration
  • Monthly mental fitness checkup for every student
  • Female students should allow wearing scarf
  • Motivational program for weak students
  • Female students must wear full clothes
  • Students should keep away from video games
  • A committee for making ideal students
  • Benefits of foreign tours in a student life
  • Private parties for mature students
  • How to get rid of drama students in college
  • E-learning programs must be free for students
  • Does Google glass is helpful for students?
  • Junk food must be ban in college cafeteria
  • White House tour for all A+ grade students
  • Long hairstyles must be ban for all school boys
  • Parenting lessons under school administration
  • There must be Yoga classes for all students
  • Your best gift for your school
  • Importance of high attitude in high school
  • Keynotes of a student life
  • College canteen and cleanliness


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I love essay but don't aitnderstand

    • Quoteslover profile imageAUTHOR

      Quotes Lover 

      5 years ago

      Well what kind of vaccine is that?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      My paper is going to be about childhood vaccines. Should I pick just one vaccine there is one highly controversial but I really wanted to focus on vaccines as a whole not individual ones. Please help guide me . The essay is argumenatative

    • Quoteslover profile imageAUTHOR

      Quotes Lover 

      5 years ago

      Many thanks

    • Jordanalexa28 profile image

      Jordan Sprogis 

      5 years ago

      Great and interesting topics. Especially #31 "Woman in Western society, a symbol of freedom or lust?"

    • profile image

      Nick Wallis 

      5 years ago

      I absolutely love it when an option for an essay is 'topic of your choice'. An 1100-word essay consisting of two subjects with two paragraphs each by answering two questions that are really six questions, three each topic, that ranges from feminism and the feminist perspective of interpreting literature to Marxism and the Marxist perspective of interpreting literature. My brain hurts.


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