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how plagiarism ruins your freelance writing career

Updated on April 30, 2017


So you are a beginner blogger with dreams, aspirations and ambitions. Maybe you are out there to promote and sell a specific product, or maybe you want to start a blog on your specific niche. Either ways you would obviously want a solid kick start to your writing career. During your internet browsing you find some solid articles and blogs on your topic ranked high up on search engine. So you decide to go ninja-mode! You quickly copy paste the entire content, or you just steal the idea and twist it in your own words. From now onwards we will call such people as "Plagiarism Ninjas" (or content thieves).

Plagiarism is one of the worst possible things you can do to your writing career. It is equivalent to flushing your future down a drain. As a writer, at any stage of your career you must avoid it like a plague! "Why", you ask? Well let me enlighten you, my young Padawan!


You do know about termites, right? They eat the wood from inside, destroying its foundations, weakening it until all there is left is a skeletal image of past glory. This is what copying does to you, at first you might even get great results which gives amazing content to your audience. Everyone thinks you are brilliant, and you smile secretly to yourself for being so clever.

But slowly and gradually you start relying on it, you start thinking that you are not capable of decent writing. Your confidence in your own self and abilities starts to diminish, and whenever you are confronted with a tough task, you bail out. Trust me, nothing is harmful to you at start of any career than lack of confidence. You are the only person who can convince yourself, and plagiarism steals that from you. It makes you rely on others' hard work and ideas, converting you into a complete copycat.


A writer's credibility is his greatest asset. It is the single golden nugget that lands you prospective clients, promotes your business, thrives your blog, and gets you set for stardom. That is why you started writing, right? To achieve fame, glory and rewards for your talents.

But maybe you wanted to achieve all that too early and decided to take a shortcut by becoming a content scraper. Congratulations! You have successfully started your downfall. There are no shortcuts towards reputation building, especially for a professional blogger. It takes constant hard work, sleepless nights, dedication and persistence. Your fame starts as a small budding flower, and it takes years for it to nurture into a fruitful tree. By being a "Plagiarism ninja" you are just ruining everything you ever wanted to achieve.


What? A wanted list? Well my young padawan, did you think it was all fun and games? Before Google's strict Panda algorithms you might have survived with this theft. But now there is no escape. Google, Bing, Alexia and other search engines have become far more intelligent and actively look for copied content. Websites and blogs found with such content take a serious hit to their rankings. What is worst, usually copied content on even a single page reflects negatively on whole blog.

So do yourself a favor and avoid copying at all costs. Writing a new article is not hard, just use your imagination, add a new twist to your thoughts and off you go. Everyone is looking for fresh ideas and new engaging delivery style. Develop one, and you will get people hooked to your posts in no time.


Yes, you read that right, by indulging in copy scraping and plagiarism you are basically getting yourself a ticket to prison. It is a bit different but serves the same purpose. Imagine your highly productive blog, generating you clients, subscribers and heavy traffic on a daily basis. You are rolling in cash and life is sparkles and rainbows. Then suddenly your website gets shut off by your host for not following copy right policies.

Those whom you steal from can lodge DMCA complaints against you. Most prominent hosting company take great pains to ensure no illegal activities are performed in their name. If the crime is serious enough, these complaints can land your blog an official closing letter from your host. That's not all, in worst case scenarios, you can even get "jailed" in real for abusing copyright laws, along with additional charges.


One of the toughest challenge a writer faces is developing a solid client base that pays for work and trusts in your ability to deliver quality projects. Clients are not fools, they require some effort and they want original work. Most of them are requiring content for their websites, blogs, publications or e-commerce websites. They want to deliver unique work to promote their services and its because of that uniqueness that they hire you and pay you huge money. If you impress your client once, chances are they will approach you over and over providing you with a constant cash flow.

All of that gets ruined when you start your journey on path of Plagiarism. If you steal, your work can get easily checked through a variety of tools such as Copyscape, Ithenticate and Plagscan to name a few. Once that happens, you can kiss goodbye to your pay checks as word about you WILL get around. You will not be getting any referrals from the affected clients and you will develop a negative audience for yourself


So, now we understand the consequences of plagiarism and how terrible and long-lasting effect these can have over one's career. Let us not embrace the dark side for it is wrought with peril. May the light and force always accompany us towards success.

Feel free to discuss what you think in the comments section. Do you have any experiences or stories to share related to plagiarism? I would love to hear them!

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