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Plagiarism is Theft, Plagiarism is Cheating

Updated on September 11, 2014

My Thoughts on Plagiarism

As a writer especially, I am hurt and offended by the plagiarist. Here are my personal thoughts on the subject of Plagiarism, expressed through Original, Copyrighted, Not-to-be-copied Poetry and Prose

(though you may cite my words with clear, fair and obvious attribution to this author)

I appreciate your visit and hope you appreciate and assimilate what I have written

Don't be a Jerk

Do Your Own Work

What Got Me Thinking About Plagiarism

Four things recently got me thinking about Plagiarism (which I have always thought very poorly of)

1) A local politician lost his bid for office over suspected plagiarism

2) There are many forum threads about plagiarism, writers who have been victimized by plagiarism, how much is OK to copy, etc.

3) I have seen search terms in the lens stats consisting of the entire text of one of my absolutely original works of poetry. Why is this? I suspect that it is due to someone executing a plagiarism check on another would-be author. Any insight is appreciated as a guest comment - thanks.

4) The Google Farmer Algo change and its repercussions. Is plagiarism and copied content so rampant?

Plagiarism: Its a Crime DVD

Plagiarism: Its a Crime DVD
Plagiarism: Its a Crime DVD

This 22 minute video explains what plagiarism is and can help save your academic or business career


Please Don't Steal

Please don't steal, I beg of you

I've worked so hard on these phrases

They're from my heart and they are new

And not from you who lazes

They're of my mind and of my tongue

They don't belong with your name

Perhaps someday they will be sung

A thief deserveth not false fame

Let's not forget the research hours

Spent learning what I need to know

To give my mind time to flower

Leading my own ideas to flow

Please don't take this short cut

When you've something you must write

Even if you're in an abysmal rut

Wait; you'll see with your own light

Please don't take this short cut

When you've something you must say

Let the ideas form in your very gut

And original words will make their way

Learn from those who've gone before

Steal not exactly someone's words

Take this message and heed it to your core

Be smarter than the mindless herds

Pay due homage to your mentors

Give them their right attribution

Quote the words that you do borrow

You'll then not need any absolution

Please don't stoop to steal or cheat

For you will be found out

Take the time; fairly compete

And fresh ideas of yours will spout

Learn, Assimilate, Voice in your own words

What Purpose, This?

This text as you see it was searched for as a keyword for the lens Love Sonnets

you are my lantern in the darkest

night guiding my footsteps that i do

not fall baring what%27s to come

allaying my fright speaking softly

%2c in answer%2c at my call

...your flame is constant unmoved

by the gust what once was dim is

better understood you deflect me

from bad%3b towards what i must

and bid me see in all men what is

good you are the angel in my

doubting mind speaking with god

%27s wisdom always%2c always

you are the one i wish in flesh to

find you%27ve made daylight in

the nightmare hallways the plum will

drop from tree into your hand and

i%27ll wait%2c untrothed%2c till

you%2c by me%2c stand

Is Plagiarism Ever Acceptable?

See results

I Truly Appreciate Your Feedback

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    • joanhall profile image

      Joan Hall 

      7 years ago from Los Angeles

      Hi! I'm going to add you as a Featured Lens on my "Plagiarism Sucks" lens.

    • ctavias0ffering1 profile image


      7 years ago

      Theft of intellectual property is a big problem and I doubt whether any attempt to point out the disgrace that plagiarism will bring to the perpetrator further down the road when it is exposed will stop people from carrying on in such a way. They seem to think it will never be discovered, which only goes to show how stupid they really are.


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