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Updated on September 17, 2013

Something That's not there

Something That's not there

Why does this keep happening to me?
Why do guys throw you a bone when they don't want you to bring it for them?
Flirted with me, you may.
I took that as a sign that you were interested in me.
Could it be my hair, my smile, my laugh or my style.
Seem friendly when we were around each other.
Until i decided to do the same.
You never replied.....and even if you did, it was all about what's happening in class.
Exchanged number, yet you never called.
Only wanted to use me for your own interest.
Then i happened to find out that you were also rejected and wanted me to be rebound girl
Me a rebound girl?
No are wrong for that.
All they words were empty vessels of lies.
I cant take it anymore.
No good guys in sight.
Where the good guys at?
I should thank my luck stars that i didn't chase after them.
Just quit it.
If you are no interested......then move.
Heard me.......move outta meh sight.
A crush just stays a crush i guess.
Though there are some who have girlfriends but still throw bone.
Wait.........what kinda thing is that?
Some men just dont know.
That their actions can break or mess with a woman's heart.

© 2013 Cherese George


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