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please don't go

Updated on January 31, 2013



here today

gone tomorrow

this pain makes me weak

in & out of sorrow

my body is numb

my world stands still

i would die today

if looks could kill

you are making a mistake

leaving like this

when we're together

dysfunctional harmony

incomplete bliss

i cannot stand to suffer

it is eating me alive

you are part of my flesh

you taste so good

i refuse to accept goodbye

i will fight for you

whatever it takes

being apart


eternal heartache </3

your touch heals me

i don't know why

it's the feeling you create

a natural high

making love to you...

and i feel you


a feeling i cannot recreate

i am begging God, "why?"

skin to skin, being next to you

nothing in this world compares

except knowing one day

that is something we will again share


i wish you loved me

i wish you cared

leaving a piece of your heart so far away

that truly is not fair

i try to respect

you have to live your life

what if that wasn't your destiny?

the path to your heart

you've denied

you will be somewhere

that you feel you belong

living life sin me

deep down in your soul

something will always feel wrong


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