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Poem - The Roxy Zoo

Updated on July 11, 2013

I stumbled across a hub by Roxy and as she described her animals the lines of this 'poem' occurred to me...



do you take sugar

to town when you go shopping he asked

avoiding this trick question

I look out on a coloured field

and there runs pastel

he'll bring something back

why worry

I sat down to tea and muffin

came to sit in my lap

when I was settled

I said

now what was the question

this always works

since his inquisitive mind had moved on

and now he wasn't blogging

he had no records or notes

he was lost

game, set and maybe match to me




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    • profile image

      IĆ°unn 10 years ago

      of course, who doesn't? ;)

    • Drax profile image

      des donnelly 10 years ago from NYC....

      well djtphn1 you are definitely off to a good start.... *big grin*

    • djtphn1 profile image

      djtphn1 10 years ago from Riverside County, California

      I think I love you!!!!

    • Drax profile image

      des donnelly 10 years ago from NYC....

      Mr M... thanks for the comment.. Drax

    • MrMarmalade profile image

      MrMarmalade 10 years ago from Sydney

      Game Master said a little presumptive.

      Anyway we don't care. meeting three time in one hour is draining my sore side with laughter.

      Thank you