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The City-poem

Updated on March 8, 2014

inspired by Stargate:Atlantis

The city waits.

Her rooms and corridors


Wind barely stirs

The decaying plants

And hundred year old dust.

The silence fills each building,

Thick, like the stale air

Trapped without escape.

Once, she held within her

A great civilization.

Her people filled every space

They created her,

Molded her into a grand design,

And lived, and grew, and died,

Within her protective embrace.

Then, one day,

Her people were gone.

They left her alone.

There was no more

Laughing, or tears;

No more running, jumping,

Dancing, loving, living, or dying.

There was only silence and loneliness.

And a promise to return.

So the city waits.

© 2012 Casey Cooper


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