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Poem - Sunbathing in Bed

Updated on October 11, 2014
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I started writing poetry as a child. I write performance poetry, observational, sometimes humorous, sometimes serious human rights issues

A Dream of a Girl Before a Sunrise  by Karl Briullov
A Dream of a Girl Before a Sunrise by Karl Briullov

Sunbathing in Bed - a Fantasy

Do you ever have that warm feeling in the half-dream world, when the morning sunlight peeps through the curtains, so bright that you can see it even with your eyes closed, and you know it's going to be a lovely day?

As I lay in bed watching the sun rise over the roofs opposite, wallowing in the warmth and brightness, I was suffused with a feeling of well-being.

These words flooded my brain and I started writing this poem.

My Poem - "Sunbathing in Bed" - Here it is:

Another of my Fantasy Designs:

Blue fairy Tote Bag

by GloriousConfusion

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