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Poem - Firefly Snowflakes

Updated on April 22, 2013

Firefly Snowflakes

Firefly snowflakes dart and dance

Thread-like to the eye

Nature’s mannequins fluttering to and fro

Part of some master plan

Designed to humble humans

Retreat to your houses of straw

Respect her might suffer her tantrums

And amid the chaos

Marvel at her simplistic beauty

Alone together

Seldom now in harmony

Our intervention and irresponsibility

Bringing uncertainty

Our lack of respect

Bringing pain

Our lack of foresight

Bringing instability

Our way of life

Bringing death

Death of a species

flower and fauna

And death to us

Who in ignorance and arrogance

To our symbiotic existence pretend to go alone

Alone we will be

in a wilderness

Where nature no longer cares

And human no longer stares

Stars at the wonder

of bluebell springs

Of wind that sings

Of firecloud skies

And a land that dies




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    • Chyna Doll profile image

      Chyna Doll 11 years ago from Yorkshire, United Kingdom

      I love the detail in this poem Drax. :)