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Poem - My Hand’s Run

Updated on July 23, 2013

Poem - My Hand’s Run

times I want to be old and wizened

in a busy square somewhere in Andalusia

almost a local yet

wholly eccentric crazy Irish

writing the scenes from the day

occasionally mad at the moon

my spirit floating high in the mind clouds

words tumbling down tattoo on a bald head

my earth mother alien ship calling me forward

from my lines of grey

into the blues and indigoes

of a soft sand shore

to let me mingle

with my message

my hand’s run




more Drax..

I have a range of poems The Lake of Dreams or The Wooden Spoon - if you would like to read more then visit my profile page for the links... thank you for taking the time to read any of them :-)


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    • Drax profile image

      des donnelly 6 years ago from NYC....

      Thanks for the comments Jghn...

    • www.lookseenow profile image

      www.lookseenow 6 years ago

      Writers should always be reading and learning from other individuals of faith with experience and insight beyond their own. I read my e-mail, and respond as best I can, plus I turn to answers. There I see what’s on the minds of my neighbors. We can use this forum—HubPages—to chitchat back and forth, and sometime that becomes a post.

      Thanks for the input, encouragement, and interest we share. Regards: jghn

    • Drax profile image

      des donnelly 6 years ago from NYC....

      Lookseenow... yeah sure... I am always open to suggestions and directions... my inspiration just comes to me.. when I see an event or an image the words line up to describe it and then a word becomes a line, they become joined and suddenly there is a poem... thanks for the comment !!

    • www.lookseenow profile image

      www.lookseenow 6 years ago

      Not A Newby, But I Can Learn From You

      Whatever you put one paper, or electronically saved is automatically copyrighted, and yes I do put my little © symbol, but I can’t prove it when someone cuts, and pastes, or moves it around, rewords, edits, here, and there.

      I tend to wonder what happens to my posts when it leaves my desktop. They are there for the globe to read, and it’s not necessarily private property. What they can’t take away is authorship. No mistake, I am the author.

      Writers paint with words I’m a writer, and I try to assemble a post not as a newby—have been with HubPages 1 ½ years. So far I have 68 hubs. I won the daily drawing with one.

      Your writings show an ability to paint with words, but a bit bizarre in places. I wonder where do you get your inspiration? I would not compare you with David and Solomon—they were good writers, because what they wrote was under divine inspiration.”

      By moderating the graphics, your lines may be synonymous in expression, or they may present contrasting thoughts. For example, various writers of the Psalms are renowned for compressing considerable thought into few words. These writers wrote out of personal experience. They did not find the close study or God’s word to be boring or wearisome. They longed for it.

      The writers I named—their writings were a form of Hebrew poetry that is not dependent on rhyme. Rather, it is noted for its rhythm of thought, or ideas—a literary form called parallelism.

      You could enhance your writings by quoting Isaiah, Jeremiah, or even Job. You’d be surprised how your followers would grow, because religion, and philosophy is #2 on the top ten list.

    • Drax profile image

      des donnelly 6 years ago from NYC....

      thanks very much 4... :-)

    • 4elements profile image

      4elements 6 years ago

      i thought it was great.