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Poem - Contaminated By Love

Updated on May 17, 2013


Love and the broken heart is a never ending artistic pursuit, thinking about it, writing about it, drawing it and I suppose living it. Any form of creative endeavour makes you hard to live with, the urge to write or paint or make in the middle of night. Living in ones own mind, a lot :-)

Hence this poem, the idea of being contaminated by love, distracted from your main purpose in life.. in a creative sense that is. For many years the pressure has been to conform, the system designed to produce homogeneous, pasteurised people, all saluting the system, obeying, conforming... working for a small amount of money for some rich dog with no regard for people or the planet or the environment.. fuck that... !!



when I redo my will again,

I might leave you something.

something I can remember me by,

like the pain in my soul

when you didn’t touch me.

maybe I was an experiment,

tender touch leads to disease,

love is contagious,

you had to save yourself...

since I was contaminated...

destined to die of a broken heart,





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