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Poem - Peace at Last

Updated on December 27, 2012

in that time between dusk and dawn

on the ground of our little world

time runs backward

as the great bear rises in the sky

we hear her roar

and forget the future

the silver sides of jet sliding from memory

our blood cools we feel the fear of the unknown

shamans shake the bones of the holy

and are rewarded

the jet roar lessens and fades little by little

the shamans power confirmed by silence

only a sacrifice of blood sufficient

to repay the great god of ancestors called to our aid

so disturbing depravity deepens

in the dark we revert to older less human times

under the sky of eyes

we plot and plan

and spill the blood of innocents

that we might live for light

little by little the length of night grows

the roar in the sky grows

our brothers and sisters

from the universe come to visit

in shiny ships from vast space

they call out

through the mumbo-jumbo of witch doctors unsure

in their own brand of madness

we are judged unworthy

unwilling and unable to join

to become the servant not the served

incapable of conversing with their higher intelligence

we are not ready

those few stand on the high mountains

as those of space depart

to return in more millennia

whereupon our position may still be

decline to total depravity

we will be judged not worthy of life

as before the comet will fall

one tiny flake of skin

will be all that remains

to crawl in hopes and dreams

of a human race

that seeks and yearns

for peace, peace..




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