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Poem - Employease

Updated on July 11, 2013


I looked at Webber's hub ADP Buys Employease the lines of this poem occurred to me... so thanks Webber... :-)



I'm going to work for Employease momma

oh no dear don't be taking your clothes off

..for money

no momma I would never, I said Employease

Employease is a software company

you know like for the internet

oh no thats worse it's all pornography

momma - you're reading too many magazines

they are just jealous and cannot accept their demise

the internet is not all pornography

and software is like rooms in a house

like the kitchen is for one thing

the bathroom is for another

Employease is pretty cool plumbing

imagine I'm going to be treated like a real person

and they're active in the community, helping people

they've won loads of awards

Momma I'm getting some stock and who knows

some big company might buy us

and you and I could retire

I am retired dear...


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