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Poem - The Onyms

Updated on April 28, 2012


I read a hub by StuartJ called Vocabulary — The Onyms I thought of The Onyms as a gang and the lines of this poem occurred to me.

Best to read Vocabulary — The Onyms first and then the poem...

Thanks StuartJ

The Scene

a little old lady is being interviewed by a reporter about the gang

TOSF - The Onyms San Francisco

to many in SF TOSF were only a myth, that’s a fact

too tall a tale, to many

a shy gang, ominously,

big ones little ones

mean ones kind ones

they were really thieves, liars, bounders and cads

a few leaped off the Bridge, jumpers

once when bound for LA

they robbed a gas station in this town

left the old lady bound up bad

folks said our sheriff is bound to catch them

but then he was out on a job

not doing his job

not a nice person

French I believe originally, from the south,

near Nice.

He lead the FBI a merry dance,

then after a double cross came the hit here.

They found him filled with lead,

left for dead just over there

behind the ice cream truck, to the left of that tree

yes beside the three stumps

it was a Sunday

Sure I was present, for sure, I just got a sundae, boy did I scream

it was a very fine sunny day

I remember because it was my birthday sonny

dad's friend uncle Pat bought it as a present

he used to pat my head, as if I were a dog

I was wearing my favorite red dress, fine cotton, pretty appropriate

the hit man drove a yellow car

he was a yellow belly, shot him in the back

there just at the back of the truck

look closely there’s a bullet hole left

no there, more left, more left, a little right

you’re right beside it now

it seems like yesterday, even today




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    • Drax profile imageAUTHOR

      des donnelly 

      12 years ago from NYC....

      Coral,get a hubpage going... and yeah this is the latest poem, have a lot of stuff simmering, some more soon....thanks Drax...

    • profile image


      12 years ago


      This poem has a real energy that kicks up the dust. Well done.

      I hope you are still writing. I don't see anything more recent than this one but I have only been here for 5 minutes. Anyway congrats.

      Please visit my poems at



    • Drax profile imageAUTHOR

      des donnelly 

      12 years ago from NYC....

      thanks Iðunn, I could just picture The Onyms pulling up in an old panel van...

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      I enjoyed reading your word play very much~


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