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Inspired by Sandra Cisneros

Updated on November 9, 2009

To the Other Side

What's it like on the other side? I've never been there. That place where consequences don't matter and names don't even mean a thing. That place where words aren't needed. How do you get there from here? I don't see a bridge or a plane ticket, and if I can't walk or fly… I just don't see a means of getting there. To that place.

What's wrong with me—that I would want to go there? No one else can live there peacefully, or so it seems. I've heard the words straight out, but the meaning has fallen on images of shadows. I cannot see the rocks, if I've never visited the particular place. Feel those thorns with imaginary flesh, a self out of my body. The one who is free. What's wrong with me?

* * *

I think I've found that means to get there. I've had a taste of the darkness… and now I want a full bite. I want to sip the juice and munch the outer skin, thin as a peach's fuzz. This can't be what they have. I could have stumbled into somewhere else. It all looks the same to me. Seems the same. It can't be what they have. It wouldn't be fair if it was. She is lovelier here. Her hair is radiant, each curl and twist of her hair is defined. Eyes move and dance to a code of understanding. I want to be her. With all the self she is. Full and alive… more fantasy than reality. But more reality than illusion. Every move is carefully thought out, and weighs more than a butter knife. A shuffle of skirts and a brisk skip to the prey.

* * *

 I am queen here. I hold the power, the wealth and glory. How could I have wandered so far from this place that has birthed me? I was born to live here, in the shadows and darkness. In the tang and tart of the world. I can feel my substance; my body will not be opaque. This flirtish mind will have a home. There is silver in my eyes, thick as water in an untouched pool. I will have them all, and they will love me for every second. All those sorrowed, lost men, searching for their comfort blanket. I will wrap them up in freckles and fleece.


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