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Seeing Into The Soul's Of Others

Updated on February 5, 2013

When you look into someones soul you can see things that might scare you. You might see yourself and maybe you will not like what you see. You might see an angel and then you might see the devil. Which one would you want to be seen as? An angel is full of passion and life. The devil is full of hate and anger. An angel will help. The devil will put you down. Angel will pull you up and give you hope. The devil will take away all hope. I hope you can say you are an Angel.


see into someones soul and see the pain they have?

Can you be a angel that heals?

Seeing Into One's Soul

When your walking down the street have you ever thought to yourself I wonder what they are thinking?

Have you ever looked into someone's eyes to see what is there? That is a hard thing to do. We all are scared that when we look into the eyes of someone they can see what we feel and this it true. Eyes are like mirrors to our souls. They reflect everything the good and the bad. Have you seen someone with a glow around them and you thought that they have been touched by an angel? Well guess what they probably was. When a person allows good things in their life it reflects not only in their eyes but in everything they do. You will see passion in their eyes. Their actions are very caring and tender.

Now the opposite is being touched by the devil. When you looked into the eyes of evil it is very chilling. Your heart will turn to ice if you stare to long. Look away a cold heart is heart that will not only you but others. When you see their eyes they have no love behind them just hate.

So remember this the next time someone looks into your eyes what will they see in you? Will they see an angel or will they see the devil?

It is well with my soul

What Amazon has on Emotions - How to deal with one's emotions

Looking Through Angel Eyes

With the eyes of an angel you see others pain.

My angel eyes looks around and I see the pain of loved ones. When the love of your life dies and you have been with that person for over 60 years all you can do is cry. The pain in your heart is more than you can bear. That is when you need an angel eye on you. To help you through the sorrow and to take away the tears. For when you have an angel looking in on you things will seem easier. Angels have been given a special power to take on the pain of others. They see things through special eyes and can help you in your need. So when you are hurting call on an angel and let them see your soul.


Do you have angel eyes that can see the pain and help heal?

Or are your eyes cold and cause the pain?

Will tomorrow ever come my love?

As I look into the future I ask my self will that day come?

Will I see the day when I can say I have your heart? Is this a dream that I see or is that day a day that can be? Are you playing with my feelings? Are you playing my heart? Then please let my heart go so it can heal. I can not take another day without true love in my life. And if you don't think that you can be this to me please let me go. I dream of a future with you in it but if this not what you want then let me know. Do you take and hit me because you love me. Can you please tell me why? You say you love me but I just don't understand how you claim that when you hit. Every time I take a beating I know my future is in despair. I want to leave you but you have a hold on me. Can you please let me go. So I can have tomorrow come.

Voices That Echo The Silent Cries Of Hope

You Be The Judge

Have you ever helped someone that was in need?

See results

The window to our soul is through our eyes.

Have you ever heard that your eyes are windows to your soul?

This is a very true statement. Think about it when you look into someone's eyes you are seeing them exposed and raw to the world. If you deep you will see the true person. You will not only see the happiness but you will see the sadness as well. Why do you think people do not look each other in the eyes that much? Could it be they want to hide? Looking someone in the eyes is important me.

Angel of Mine - From the Movie Titanic

Searching my Soul - From the Alley Mcbeal Show

My buried soul!

My soul is empty your buried it when you went away. Now all I am is an empty shell with no feelings. How do I get my soul back? I want to feel again. I hate not feeling love, happiness and peace of mind. I feel like you took my soul and went straight to hell with it. Do you like seeing me in this kind of pain? I pray to God to rescue my soul. He sent an angel who was hidden deep with in. This angel rescued my soul and took it to place to heal. Now I feel all the things I didn’t before. Thank you God for that angel who gave me back what I needed.

Why is that?

When your heart is bleeding and your soul aching you want to push away the one person who will help you heal. Why is that? You say you love her and you want her in your life, but as soon as things get hard you want to toss her aside. Why is that? She has been there for all of this. She has proven her love for you over and over. Yet you want to toss her with the trash. Why is that? When you see that you are killing her, do you even care? You tell her that you love her but yet you keep putting yourself in pain. Why is that? You have a lot to deal with and yet through it all she is still holding on. So why are you pushing her love away? She is strong and holding on as long as she can, but one day the strength might disappear. When this happens it is your turn to be strong and not push her through the door. Love like what she has only comes around once in lifetime. You know her love is pure and can be trusted. So I am begging you don't throw her love away.

Mirror, Mirror - Look into my eyes tell me what you see?

please leave comments

Have you ever looked into someones eyes? - Tell me did see anything in them?

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    • Harishprasad profile image

      Harish Mamgain 3 years ago from New Delhi , India

      This is a fantastic hub. What you have brought up in this hub is more deep than the body language. The body language records non-verbal gestures that can reflect a great deal about a person, but the stuff in this hub penetrates into something that is an supernatural aspect of our existence.

      Loved reading this informative as well as a lovely hub. Thank you.

    • sierradawn lm profile image

      sierradawn lm 4 years ago

      I am an empath, absorbing the pain of others. It is a very hard thing to be and I bury myself by being a total hermit to avoid the unbearable pain. But when loved ones are in need I am thankful for my healing gift.

    • profile image

      TanoCalvenoa 4 years ago

      Let's all try to be "angelic" and help others, and lift them up - rather than being prideful, envious, and wanting to tear others down and be above others.

    • davenjilli lm profile image

      davenjilli lm 4 years ago

      It is well with my that song. Really an interesting look a philosophy here

    • profile image

      Susie05 4 years ago

      Really nice lens! Thanks!

    • John Dyhouse profile image

      John Dyhouse 5 years ago from UK

      Wonderful lens; food for thought, and reflection upon what we have to be glad for in our lives.

    • profile image

      merleannw 5 years ago

      I really like your lens.Thank you for making me think.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Really like the poems!

    • allinfoisfree profile image

      allinfoisfree 9 years ago

      I found your lens very interesting! Made me think. :)

      5 *'s!


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