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Poems for Her

Updated on March 9, 2015

This Is for You

i don't blame you for the four letter word past
i don't blame u that now i call you by the one letter word X
you had all that it takes but too bad i could not take all that you had
i appreciate all the moments we had both sweet and sad
i guess the gears were not greased that's why we had to crush brake pads was hard
you just had to let me put it down on you but guess you let me hit the ground
you sailed away and left me deep in the sea with the jaws
i survived and now am picking myself up now am watching ma heart as it grows slow

What She Does Not Know

i always sit and wonder what next move will make her smile
is it a surprise kiss
a chocolate bar
a chocolate cake
or just a cuddling in the cold
every minute she is silent my heart s not at ease
i ask myself
is she well
is she mad at me
is she in trouble
i never lose faith in what we have
i never want to hold an argument
but i would want to hold
a smiling moment
a warm moment
an unforgettable moment
she does not know i try
not to lie
i stay clean never sly
i wait up n her and gave her her space
but the problem is she does not know


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