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Poems of Inspiration and Hope

Updated on September 17, 2014

Inspirational Poetry and Poems of Hope

You've come to the right place for suggestions on books of poetry on the theme of inspiration and hope. Plus, there are lots of other items that promote hope and inspiration.

Then, you can read my original poems that I hope you will find both hopeful and inspiring. The newest poem is "This Day Bleeds" which begins with a touch of despair and ends with a touch of hope. As a bonus, sometimes I follow up a poem with items that further the key point of the particular poem.

Throughout, are a number of posters that I've chosen especially for you, with the messages of hope and inspiration.

I hope these selections soothe your spirit and inspire you to accomplish what you have within you.


All poetry in this lens copyright Mindy Makuta (aka MyFairLadyah) Reprint with permission

Read Something

Read something that will imbue you with wisdom

And then perhaps call you to a more full life

While following your path, you will become

Calmer, more patient, and without as much strife

Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling

Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life

A Poster - Words to Live By - Hope ...


Words to Live By, Hope

You may purchase this poster from

Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes with Background Music

Other Things That May Give You Hope and Inspiration

Floral Inspiration - All Things Grow with Love

click image to purchase this poster from

Music to Be Inspired By

Music to Relax By - Soothing Melodies

MyFairLadyah's Original Poems of Hope and Inspiration

MyFairLadyah's Original Poems of Hope and Inspiration in this Hub

  • This Day Bleeds
  • I Can Do Anything / World Without Limits
  • A Poem of Inspiration and Spirituality
  • Lift Up
  • Read Something
  • A Sonnet for World Peace
  • Paradise
  • On Kindness
  • Take the Bull by the Horns
  • Things Are Looking Up
  • What Happened to the Energy
  • The Labyrinth of Life
  • Falling, Falling
  • Whisk Away the Cobwebs
  • A Hidden Message
  • A Poem Entitled "Windows and Doors"
  • Happy Today
  • Poems of Happiness
  • More Original Sonnets You May Enjoy

This Day Bleeds

This day bleeds into tomorrow

I can't cry; too much sorrow

Want this relentless pace to ease

Maybe when the geese go south in V's

Night fades to day, not much sleep

Waking nightmares reaching deep

I want my life back, my normal life

Angst twists within; a jagged knife

Breathless from the choking dust

Numb to others' pain

Each day more drained

My heart a calloused over crust

If I can just hold out a few weeks

When the telephone again speaks

And the devastation scars over

A new normalcy will take over

This new life won’t be the same

But I’ll say “look what I overcame”

And new hope will take root

A tender vibrant shoot

I Can Do Anything / World Without Limits

This world without limits beckons me on

To contribute wisdom though wondrous words

Opening windows to sights that were gone

And fanciful flights like countless birds

Protected by the surety of the flock

There's no need to worry you will lose you way

For the rhyme will guide you to safely dock

At your interpretation of what I say

The beauty of the language lets me permute

Its words into my very singular thread

To be enjoyed by those naïve or astute

As marks appear on the page from out of my head

Lift Up

Lift up your face to be infused

....With the glow of spectral light

Lift up your heart to be bemused

....By humor in your sight

Lift up your mind which is confused

....By worries left and right

Lift up your soul to be perused

....By God and angels all in white

A Sonnet for World Peace

Holding hands, praying, singing Kumbayah

Won't itself make the world a better place

You might as well wait for the messiah

To bless sinful man with eternal grace

It'll take the teaching of generations

To dispel the myths believed of others

The ragged and the rich populations

Understood as children by their mothers

Accepting ways of life that injure not

Of age-old tribal customs that enhance

Let land disputes, etcetera be forgot

And not bring girls of ten to wedding dance

We will slowly, through knowledge understand

That our differences do not wars demand


Paradise is a locale of perfection

That describes a place like heaven

One may know it quickly or through reflection

Achieved slowly like bread allowed to leaven

On Kindness

Please hold open this door for me

I've a burden I cannot put down

But if you are tired I hold no blame

Though I sweat and make a frown

Should you assist, I'll thank you much

For the lending of your arm

Someday you may have bundles such

And I shall keep you warm

A Poster - Words to Live By: Learn Live Hope


Words to Live By: Learn Live Hope

You may purchase this poster from

Take the Bull by the Horns

Take the bull by the horns

Before you're skewered meat

Walk through thistles and thorns

By fighting and not in defeat

Nothing comes easily any longer

Civility, respect are not the norm

Our defenses must get stronger

As we weather this societal storm

We are seeing not the "me" generation

But the "I am supreme" generation

Take some time to teach your own

To logically approach a situation

To weigh all sides from the known

Transpose themselves to that location

In the end, they'll come to a fair resolution

That's hopefully a win-win for all

They won't stubbornly hold for retribution

Or be demanding, petty and small

Add some kindness to the compromise

The whole lot of us will be better off

and much more wise

Things Are Looking Up

Things are looking up, money be damned

We have considerations, we have plans

Spend the winter someplace warm; a beach

Options for adventure within our reach

We can look for jobs as it behooves us

Not allow hurt egos to ooze with puss

One month, maybe four, to reinvigorate

Wide eyed wanderlust through open gates

Give us this day our daily bread

Yes we'll eat and lay upon a rented bed

There are new trails to walk upon

New bends to conquer in the waiting yon

And when we tire of the vagabond life

Our home remains a welcoming wife

So we will joyful drink of future's cup

Money be damned, things are looking up

Books Reflecting the Message of What's Looking Up?

What Happened to the Energy

What happened to the energy, the drive

Not just having the basics to stay alive

To make things better, to create

Assuage the blahs; ameliorate

It's there! It just needs to be tapped

Don't be a zombie; don't get zapped

Try new things; a class, a craft, a dance

This isn't your last but it's your best chance

The Labyrinth of Life

Follow the labyrinth of life

Winding inward to your prime

Then outward to your greatness

Falling, Falling

Falling, falling into this abyss

With nary a ladder or rope

I should have noticed my world amiss

So I could better cope

But that's how it often ends

A sane world turns chaotic

It's not too late to make amends

I need not go neurotic

If I twine my ideas into a cord

Up and up I may yet climb

Scale the steep cliffs of this fjord

Arm over arm just like a mime

Whisk Away the Cobwebs

Whisk away the cobwebs of the mind

And concentrate on the clarity you'll find

A new ability heretofore unknown

In thought or creativity will be shown

A Hidden Message

Only I will be privy to

When I hear it I will feel it

When I know it I will be comforted

All the pain will be but a wisp

And I will continue, stronger

More Inspirational Poetry for Your Pleasure

Happy Today

I'm not pulling my hair

Not so disgusted or in despair

A positive day, I'll say

Progress made today

I'm enjoying this small win

A compromise, to my chagrin

Unlike other wrenching days

When a pit in my stomach just lays

Heavy, heavy, leaving no room

For happiness; just a pallid gloom

Yes, this feeling of well being

Can't be momentary, fleeting

If I work at the beneficial

And ignore the superficial

More days will be happy ones

And the nasties, fewer reruns


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