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Poems On Endings And Lost Loves

Updated on March 19, 2013

Poems On Endings In Life And Relationships

This page is concerned with poems about endings, especially endings of relationships. It is the second in a series of lenses showcasing poetry that I wrote in my teens and early twenties. Very little of it has been published or even seen by public eyes, so it is a first for me to publish it here on Squidoo.

Many people, especially young people, probably go through a multitude of relationships and ending them is always difficult in one way or another. Here I examine some effects of ending relationships and the way that people cope or not as the case may be.

I hope that you will enjoy my poetry and would love to see any comments that you may have in the guestbook below.

The image is in the public domain

silent lady poem, poetry
silent lady poem, poetry

Silent Lady

A Poem About Ending An Unsatisfactory Relationship

What do you do if you feel that you are in an unsatisfactory relationship?

You really like the other person but you know it cannot and will not work to mutual advantage. Something about the relationship is just not working out.

The person relating this story is in such a situation.This poem tells his story, and tries to explain how he feels. He is obviously struck with the lady concerned but does not feel that she is completely straight with him. We do not know however, just what the untruths may be hiding.

Silent Lady

Silent Lady, Silent Lady

the time has come to say goodbye.

How can I forget you,

When I see you everyday in my mind's eye.

Silent Lady, Silent Lady

I've got to quit, call it a day.

I've got to fight you,

You're Queen of Hell, too long, you've had your day

Silent Lady, Silent Lady

Don't you cry it will not suit.

Too late to change your ways.

You'll will find a man to keep you; but me, I've had my day.

Silent Lady, Silent Lady

You can't get through without a lie.

I've lost my faith in you.

And Before I lose my mind, I'll say goodbye

The image is in the public domain

Are You A Creative Writer?

Are you reading this because of a passing interest or do you write poetry yourself? Maybe you are into creative writing of another sort, some other genre. Either way you are very welcome of course but it would help me to understand my audience and wether there may be a niche for pages (or lenses) of this nature, Thanks in advance for taking this poll.

Are you into creative writing?

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Sing Me A Simple Song

A Poem In Which A Relationship Is Ending Prematurely

The words are very simple and almost, almost, the sort of words that you can hear in everyday language. And the clichés are part of this tone. I speak like this and so do people I hear around me. I make no apologies for using a number in this short poem. the thing that makes the verses rise above ordinary speech is the use of the metaphor, "singing a song" to represent the relationship implied, and now coming to an end.

Some of the clichés (and don't they date me?)

Bring it on back to me: Well, you may not hear this nowadays but in the late sixties The Animals had a great rhythm and blues number at the top of many charts with this phrase very prominent.

Make beautiful music: Another sixties cliché. Flower power and all that.

We can make it come what may: This doesn't need any explanation, a very common cliché.

I have used this metaphor before in similar circumstances, as of course have many other writers and singers.

Sing Me A Simple Song

Sing me a simple song,

So I can sing along.

We can make beautiful music all night and day.

Sing me a melody,

Let's sing in harmony.

I know that we can make it come what may!

Songs that you sang for me

Bring me a memory,

Remind me of the times that we used to know.

A Memory, Oh so sweet,

Bring it on back to me.

Just one more time before you finally go.

Sing me a simple song,

I really think that you belong

Here close to me, together we make a class act.

Bring it on home to me,

Stay, be a friend to me,

With so much going, we could adapt.

Sing me a simple song

I know I can sing along.

Sing me a simple song.

The image here is in the public domain

windows reflections poetry poem
windows reflections poetry poem

Reflections From The Past

A Poem About The Difficulty Of Ending A Relationship

Sometimes the end of a relationship is a very sad thing for one of the parties involved. In this poem, the storyteller is constantly reminded of his lost love by the fact os seeing (imagining) her face reflected in the windows he passes as he walks through his home city. This constant reminder can only make the parting and the separation very difficult.

We know that in fact the reflections can only by imagined, but the memories are quite real and hurtful.

Reflections From The Past

Reflections remind me

Remind me of a love we knew

And sometimes I can see you

In reflections from the past

Reflections in my minds eye

Are so real I can see you

And sometimes I can feel you

In reflections from the past

Reflections in each window

In each pane I see your face

Every pane of every window

Any time and every place

Every time I stop and linger

Every prayer I know I say

Every thought of you grows stronger

Every hour of every day

Reflections I remember

Promises which once meant so much

And sometimes I just want to touch

Those reflections from the past

The image is licensed by creative commons

You Were Here Only Yesterday

A Poem Looking Back In Time

In this poem, again the theme is about a lost love. The storyteller is looking back to a happier time, although his feelings are tinged by his thoughts that all was not well in the relationship.

Was his lover always telling the truth, maybe making fun of him and even worse. Many of us us may recognise this sort of dichotomy in a relationship which seems fine at the time.

When the relationship breaks down slowly, how do you decide at what point it is irretrievable, it can be a diffficult decision.

You Were Here Only Yesterday

You were here only yesterday

And I listened to all you'd say

You took me in with all your lies

Make believe alibis

You were here only yesterday

Acted out your part in a play

How you must have laughed inside

Laughed at me a comedy

Funny but for who

Not for me of that I'm sure

Funny it may be but my heart aches

So seriously

You were here only yesterday

Funny how love drifts away

It's hard to recognise it's gone

Until you're left the only one

The image is in the public domain.

weeping willow tree, poetry
weeping willow tree, poetry

Mister Willow

A Poem Based Upon A SImple Analogy

This poem is one of a few which started out as a song and I found the lyric was good enough to stand on its own. I still sing it but consider it a poem. Is this cheating? I don't think so. I write the words and sometimes they are meant to be a poem, sometimes they are meant to be a song. It sometimes happens, as here, that I treat the words as a poem or song interchangeably.

How can you tell the difference? Well the biggest give-away is that a song may treat a syllable as more than one sound, i.e. more than one note may be used for that syllable. This however is not a very good way of making a distinction and a good singer and a good dramatic reader will take the same words and make them sound just fine. So we are back where we started. I treat poems as lyrics and vice versa, and feel that I am free to do so. I hope that you can agree with this stance.

Mr Willow

Mr Willow weep for me

Won't you shed a tear.

Help me keep my own eyes dry

But it's too late I fear.

Mr Sun please leave the sky now,

Please allow the rain

To wash my face and hide away

All these tears of pain

Mistress Wind come dry my face

Brush away the pain,

Clean and fresh I'll face the world

Here I go again.

Mr Sun please leave the sky now,

Please allow the rain

To wash my face and hide away

All these tears of pain

The image above is licensed under a Creative Commons licence.

memories of you
memories of you

Memories Of You

A Poem About Reminiscing

Perhaps one of the worst features of any breakup, is the memories which you are left with after the event. Some may be good and a few may be bad. Perhaps you will be destined to go over the good memories time and time again. How difficult it can be to erase these memories.

Detail from one of my own pastel paintings.

Memories Of You

I sing my song in remembrance

Of times so long since passed by

Now all the sounds of repentance

Combine into one mournful sigh

Things that have passed aren't forgotten

I relive my life endlessly

The whole world appears to be rotten

Now there's nothing left here for me

I'll reminisce in the glories

And keep my eyes searching within

I won't fool myself with the stories

Of emergent hopes once again

Free Poetry E-Book

I have collated poems from this lens and from its companion, Poems on attitudes to life, into an e-book which is free to download from

All the poems contained in these lenses are contained in the e-book.

The image is a pastel painting by the author.

I would love to hear what you think of my poems. Good or bad, if they make you want to say something please leave a comment here. If they don't then in a way as a writer I have failed. Please don't brand me a failure.

This page is currently under construction, I intend to add up to seven poems and additional modules. If you enjoyed reading the poems please visit again to see the other poems.

You may also like to read a new poem written to mark the passing of a dear old lady of 101 years, For Ellen.

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    • jimdes profile image

      jimdes 4 years ago

      some beautiful and deeply meaningful words. I too get a great deal of personal satisfaction using words but I struggle to make the transition from rhymes to poetry. Your works are definitely in the poetry niche. Keep adding.

    • profile image

      Aunt-Mollie 5 years ago

      Unrequieted love does inspire great poetry because poetry is all about emotion and so is love lost. Your watercolor is the perfect illustration for your poem. You are so talented!

    • Ellen Mitchell profile image

      Ellen Mitchell 5 years ago

      Your poetry is beautiful.

    • John Dyhouse profile image

      John Dyhouse 5 years ago from UK

      @LizMac60: Thanks Liz, I have to say that feeling low/down puts me in a mood for writing. trying to broaden my scope tho'. LOL

    • LizMac60 profile image

      Liz Mackay 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      These are lovely poems. It is such a strange truth that sadness makes a good poem. Hope you are still writing lots more Happy ones too.. Blessed.

    • John Dyhouse profile image

      John Dyhouse 5 years ago from UK

      @anonymous: HI Tipi, thanks and yes I do love to sing. Ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper, I have sung to cheer myself upor because I am happy, or just to fill in a silence. I sing when I am walking alone (quietly!) and when I am at home washing up or just about anything. "What is life without music", I always say.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      You must love to sing, because your poetry makes music.

      Very lovely experience that I'm richer for. :)

    • profile image

      Ruthi 5 years ago

      Touching poems on endings and lost loves. I am particularly touched by Mr Willow and Memories of You.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Lovely poetry, Mr. John.

    • krior76 profile image

      krior76 5 years ago

      Nice collection of poems Sir. Hopefully you will write more.

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 5 years ago from Canada

      Poetry seems to draw the emotions from the heart to put it on paper. Your poems are definitely emotionally charged love poems marking the end of love. A very balanced writing style. Unique.